Raphael The Painter

Raphael The Painter

Raphael Famous Painter, 

Raphael known as Prince of Painter’s is undoubtedly a golden figure of the Renaissance time period. Though his life span was really short but his work achievements were unbelievably huge. His full name was Raphael Sanzio. He belonged to a rich family of Urbino and was born on 6th April 1483.

Raphael Renaissance Artist

He was not only an exclusive painter but also an out class architect of Italy during high Renaissance. The best thing Raphael had ever painted are his madonna’s and Angels. Those he painted with such beauty and fabulousness. That you looked at them and you are so mesmerized and even illusioned that you feel yourself lying in that scenario.

These compositions which are displayed and preserved in the Vatican are truly the best productions he has ever contributed to the painting of the high Renaissance era. His work was truly tremendous and was highly appreciated due to the perfection of composition and allotment of focal point. Raphael Painting Angels was simply exclusive and Neoplatontic. Moreover, He painted humans like Angels with such a grandeur that is not possible to be described in words.

Raphael was not any gentleman of Italy but he was our rich person Giovanni Santi’s son and his mother was Magia Di Battista. Raphael was a painter genetically as well because his father was a painter. But not very famous and not of very exclusive class. But he had deep-rooted contact in Urbino with the aristocrats and artists of that time. These contacts supported his son a lot to enter into elite and aristocratic class very soon. You might be amazed to know that Raphael was only 11 when he was already introduced into the court.

Most Famous Paintings Of Raphael

The most amazing paintings biography includes Madonna in the Meadow that was painted in 1506. Another masterpiece is Sestine Madonna is also worth mentioning that was painted in 1512 to 13. One more famous work is Portrait Of Baldassare.

Raphael’s Love Life

No doubt Raphael was Prince of painters as he died at a young age. But he was spending his life no less than a real Prince. As he was living in a beautiful palace that was designed by Bramante. When it comes to his marital life he never married but. Yes he was once engaged to Maria. She was a member of a very rich Medici family or the royal patronage of the time. But unfortunately Maria died in 1520 so he never married.

How Did Raphael Died?

Raphael The PainterBut his life was full of sexual affairs. Margarita luti who was the daughter of a baker was also one of his favourite affairs. Raphel died at the young age of 37 years and unfortunately it was his birthday too. As he died on April 6 and it was a good Friday and he was born on Good Friday As well.

When it comes to his death it is very controversial but the most famous reason is said to be his extra long sexual affair with his lady for the whole night. That long sexual pleasure first caused him fever. And later he died as his life was Royal his death was also no less than that.

He didn’t only leave good funds to take care of his mistress who is said to be the cause of his such early death. But also left some loyal servants too, to take his care. He was buried in Pantheon his funeral was also no less Grand than his life. Raphael painter death was a big loss to the renaissance movement!