Diego Maradona

Diego Maradona

Nov 25, 2020, was the day when the biggest sad news broke that the legendary Footballer Diego Maradona has passed away. This was the death of the most influential footballer of all time. Originally from Argentina, he was well reputed and respected around the globe. 

Diego Maradona holds many records but the reason because of which he got the maximum fame was one of the most controversial and popular incidents of the history of football particularly and the history of sports generally. Despite his very popular and successful career, and the fact that he holds many records. This was the most narrated incident of the life of Maradona. 

This incident dates back to 22 June 1986 the place was the  Azteca Stadium, the country was Mexico and the city was Mexico City. The tensions were high and it should be as this was the quarter-final of the 1986 FIFA World Cup. 


Diego Maradona tried to score a goal against England with his head but his head didn’t hit the ball. Instead, this was his hand that touched the ball. But the empire did not notice it. The ball went into the net. At that time the match was equal between both the teams but with this goal, Argentine took the lead. The end result of the match was 2-1. Argentine won the match as a final result.  Diego Maradona did not give a clear statement about the incident. Once he said that this goal happened with the Hand of God and this incident gained popularity with this name. 

Despite this event, FIFA gave him the Award of the 20th century best footballer. He shares the award with another great footballer Pelé.  He is known with the title of the golden boy. In the local language, this is translated as El Pibe de Oro. 

Like many other richly famous personalities he had too many ups and downs in his life. He was banned even entering the football ground for nearly four years. These years were from 1991 to 1994. Later this ban was lifted. But how can one imagine that he is the same guy for which the record transfer fee has been paid for him in 1982. It was 5 million pounds and he joined Barcelona at that time. This was not the highest transfer fee paid for him. The top is yet to come. In 1984 6.9 million pounds were paid when he joined the Italian professional football club Napoli. 

As a football player he has an international career. In his international career he represented his nation and Argentina. He is such a lucky guy that once under his command Argentina won the FIFA world cup. He holds the fabulous record of scoring 34 goals in his International football career as a member of the Argentina squad. AaAaxAX

Even after his retirement, he continued his passion for football. After his retirement as a football player, he continued his journey as a Manager. In this role, he joined different teams around the globe. Even at the time of his death, he was the coach of the Argentine Primera División club. He was born in Lanús the date was 30th October 1960. He was from a very poor family but highly talented. Actually, he was the discovery of  Francisco Cornejo. Francisco Cornejo saw him playing. By looks, he was a child but his games and moves were wonderful. Francisco Cornejo as a youth coach asked him for the Id card so that he may be included in the team. But as Francisco Cornejo found out that Diego Maradona is only 8 years of age. He was deeply impressed and this is the point from where the journey of this great player began.