Hurrem Sultan

Hurrem Sultan

If you want to know about the world’s most beautiful queen, you are certainly looking for Rolexna who was entitled to Hurrem Sultan. Her original name was Aleksandra Lisovska, she was born in Poland (C,1505 – April 1558). Her majesty was a magnificent queen of the Ottoman empire. Hurrem Sultan is a controversial figure in the history of the ottoman empire but still so influential that after 8 centuries we are still in discussion about her. The life of the Hurrem Sultan can be divided into different eras. 

The first era was when she was born in her motherland Poland and raised there till the age of 12. The next era began when Mangoals captured her as a slave and brought her as a gift to the sultan haram. Different historians write different facts about it and how she lived there. But a common narrative that can be found in all of them is that she was raised there for the next five years. In these next five years although she was raised as a Muslim girl and all the traditions of Islam and the royal house were being thought to her. Haram was not made as a place for providing sexual satisfaction to the emperor but actually, this was the home of the emperor. More like a family of his own. 

Sultan Suleman is known as Suleman the Magnificent was the ninth emperor of the ottoman empire. Before the sultan, it was the tradition that every royal maid should not maintain a sexual relationship with the emperor and bring one child into the world. After the birth of the child, it was supposed that she had to take care of the child and that complete attention should be given to that particular child. In the case of the Huram sultan, the emperor was so much in love with her that he married the Hurrem and gave her the honor to be her Queen. After this, a number of children were born of the couple. She was so influential that the general public thought of her as a witch. The witch who casted the magic on the sultan.

She was a kind hearted woman and started many projects for the welfare of the common man. Some projects are still functional for the benefit of the general public. She was really active even on the Democratic end she managed to maintain peace for her hometown Poland. The relationship between the Oatman empire and Poland was really peaceful. 

Suleman the Magnificent took the charge of the government after the death of his father. At that time the age of the sultan was 25 years and the age of the Hurrem was 17 years. This difference of the 8 years played a very important role in the life of both the king and the queen. 

As the Hurrem died 8 years before then Sultan Suleman Although this is yet to decide that was it a positive figure or the negative figure in the history of the Ottoman empire. But this is something that is associated with every successful person especially when it is related to the royal family. No doubt that she was an intelligent and beautiful lady who has changed the rules in the Otaman empire forever.

Before her, there was no formal designation of the Queen in the empire. After her, the Otaman empire is known as the empire of the queens. After the death of the emperor, Suleman the magnificent One of the Son of the Houram sultan became the emperor of the Otaman empire and on the other hand, one of the sons of the Hurrem Sultan was killed by the orders of his Father Suleman the great.