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Welcome to Southreports

southreports.com is a trusted and well-reputed news blog. Run by professional writers and reporters. We try to provide answers to all those questions which our reader have not asked yet. Moreover, We inspire our readers to dig deep and explore more in our blog. Let’s check out what is is happening in the world around us.

 We are writing and reporting for a long, finally we have decided to open our blog for guest posts and potential writers, and other bloggers 

Now we allow anyone to submit their stories here. But only if these stories are fairly and professionally well written. Moreover, we provide you with certain guidelines and after fulfilling those guidelines. If you come up with our criteria you are welcome to post here.

You necessary don’t need to be a blogger (as everybody doesn’t have a blog) to post your story here on south reports.com. But the quality and credibility of the content are definitely required.

Note: Your content should have no grammatical mistakes, or no wrong report should be posted and spelling should be accurate as well.

Guidelines For Writing

  • Here we never allow content that is already been published somewhere else on the internet or any book. As we don’t like what Google doesn’t like and Google hates plagiarism. So only original content is welcomed here.
  • We prefer to use stories to be short and straight and we hope that 600 words are a good limit to wind up a potential story or report.
  • If you have captured any video and you want to embed that video in your writing you can add that link in your writing. If that video is already uploaded on YouTube it is not an issue.
  • If you have captured photographs relating to your report or story. You are more than welcome to add pictures and then you can sum up your story even in 300 words. But make sure the pictures are clicked at a good resolution like 1024 pixels wide landscape or 800-pixel wide portrait.
  • We will really appreciate it if you will send your profile picture along with a short introduction. As we can publish that article with your identity.

Why You Should Send Us Your Stories?

If you will share some awesome stories with us it will help us to provide some more quality content to our readers.

  • You will get a good platform to show your talent. And if your stories are real potential we can even hire you as our professional writer and reporter.
  • Your post will be posted with your identity so it can be a good addition to your CV.
  • If it’s a guest post you can get an authentic link for your blog as well.
  • It can earn good fame for you on social media.
  • So be quick, stop pondering and send us your potential story so you can tell the world which is still hidden to be a fact. And the world can know you from all platform