Marilyn Monroe

Marilyn Monroe

94 years of age and yet so popular, hot, and sexy that even the actress young and beautiful today cannot match her fame. Yup, your guess is absolutely correct I am talking about Marilyn Monroe. And the age I quoted here would be her age if she lived even today. Although she died a long time ago. 

Born and raised in Los Angeles, the darling of the Silver screen was born on June 1 and died on August 4, 1962. 

Married thrice in her life the first marriage was with James Dougherty. It only lasts for four years. The year of the marriage was 1942 and the year it ended was 1946. Her spouse was a police trainer and his specialization was special tactics and weapons. 

Her second marriage was with an American baseball player; this marriage resided only for a year. They married in 1954 and in 1955 they separated. The name of that person was Joe DiMaggio. 

Arthur Miller is a play writer and was the third husband of Marilyn Monroe. Although this was the longest marriage of the actress but this also ended in the separation. This marriage resided for 5 years approximately from 1956 to 1961. 

It was reported that Marilyn Monroe has several mental issues. This was the reason she died of the barbiturate overdose. On her last day, she said to her housekeeper to stay at home with her. Her housekeeper agreed and stayed with her. Late at night around 3 o’clock. Her housekeeper named Eunice Murray noted that Marilyn Monroe is in her bedroom and the bedroom door is locked. She tried to call her repeatedly but Marilyn Monroe did not reply. This made her suspicious. She tried to investigate and find out that she is unresponsive by looking at the window. Till dawn, this was discovered and confirmed that Marilyn Monroe is no more in this world now. 

Although many years passed since the release of the last Marilyn Monroe movie, she was still popular in the United States of America. Even though the Fox studio decided that they didn’t want her to be part of their project. This was the same project for which Fox hired Marilyn Monroe. But then they announced that due to the irresponsible behavior of the Marilyn Monroe

They don’t want to continue with her. 

But before her death, Marilyn Monroe started to rebuild her public image. Her interviews had been arranged with the major publishing houses. Then it is strange that why she committed suicide when things were started to move in the right direction for her. Different opinions are still present among the people. One is that she was actually murdered and the second is that she actually took the overdose that killed her. 

No matter if Marilyn Monroe suicided or not but after her death the rate of suicide double. This was the public reaction to her death. No newspaper was left that had not covered the news of the Marilyn Monroe death on the main page.

Marilyn Monroe was really a kind hearted woman as per her will she took care of lots of people. As per her will, the beneficiaries list was too long. The list started with her sister.  Berniece Baker Miracle, the half sister of Monroe, actually wrote a book on the life of her sister. He gave some money to her secretary. Then she gave a portion to her friend for the education of her daughter. A portion took care of her mother. She even didn’t forget the widow of her teacher and finally, a portion was given to her psychiatrist so that a psychiatric institute can be made.