Edson Arantes do Nascimento The Pelé

Edson Arantes do Nascimento The Pelé

Edson Arantes do Nascimento is famous with the name of the Pelé. The famous Brazilian footballer was born by the name of Edson Arantes do Nascimento. Later he became famous with the name Pelé. Still alive Pelé born October 23, 1940, now has the age of 80 years. He holds many records against his name as he was nominated as the footballer of the century by FIFA jointly with Maradona. 

Pelé holds the record of being the part of the team that holds the victory stand at the top position for the three times. This includes two consecutive years as 1958 then 1962 and then after the gap of a world cup again in 1970.

He is most widely respected as a professional footballer. At his time of playing, he was one of the top paid sportsmen at that time. He is such a famous player that after even he took retirement from the game. Still, he is respected and so much popular that many movies were made about the life and the achievements of Pelé. 

For this, he made great achievements. The two of the first achievements that made him really famous were in 1957 and then in 1958. In 1957 he was only 16 years of age but he was selected for the national football squad of Brazil.

The next year brought fame for this young footballer when he turned out to be a nightmare for France in the semifinals. He scored 3 goals against France in this match. This Hattrick added stars to the reputation of the Pelé. This was followed by two goals in the same year against the famous team of Sweden.

His performance was so adorable that the then government of Brazil declared him the National treasure. Pelé has completed 1000 goals in his first class career and his career did not end there. This means that the actual goals he scored in his international career are more than this. As far as his goals in the world cup are concerned he has made 12 goals.

Initially, he was rejected by the famous clubs. Or you may say that at that time he failed to impress those clubs. But later he improved his technique. Pelé was famous for the strength in his kick and accuracy in his technique. The journey to the 1000th goal was not so easy. For this he kept himself fit and professionally upgraded for a very long sports career. This was 20th November 1969 when he scored his 1000th first class goal. It took him 909 matches to this landmark.

The year was 1974The year was 1974 when Pelé thought that this is the time for him to retire. He retired and left the game. But in 1975 he again came back for two years and in 1977 he retired finally. His last contract was for 7 million dollars. The contract was with the  New York Cosmos. 

Sports is not the only avenue on which Pelé is active. His contribution is in other fields too. These are also acknowledged internationally. One of these acknowledgments was the international peace award of 1978.  Pelé Museum is situated in Santos, a city in Brazil. Many documentaries are made on the life of the  Pelé Autobiographies are written even commercial movies that look like the documentaries but in true sense are not documentaries are also made on his life. 

Pelé is also a music composer. A movie made on him in 1977 has the soundtrack composed by him.