China - India Conflict 2020 The Role of the United States of America

China – India Conflict 2020 The Role of the United States of America

The Involvement of the USA is positive or negative in this scenario. Or the Involvement of the USA is the reason for this conflict. This article analyses the in-depth information 

The border conflict between India and China is flaring up with renewed vigor. The confrontation between the two Asian powers is acquiring an increasingly pronounced geopolitical character, with the involvement of the United States in it. The presence of Washington behind the scenes of the Indian-Chinese conflict in the Himalayas is being actively paid to by the PRC media these days.

Thus, the official English-language publication of the Chinese Communist Party The Global Times (“Huangqiu Shibao“) warns on, September 1, Reminds India about the situation of 1962. In the war of 1962, India suffered badly. The newspaper threatened India that this time the magnitude of the suffering will be more

China is more prepared, more well equipped as compared to the last time. The economic difference between China and India is great. China is at the upper side of the opportunity in every comparison. If this situation persists then India should be prepared to suffer more heavy losses as it suffered in 1962. Ths newspaper concluded in its editorial.

India is continuously blaming China for the current situation on the borders. Delhi Thinks that China has tried to occupy the Indian territory in Ladakh. As EADaily reported with the reference of Indian Defence Minister on August 31, India claimed that it had to make a move for its protection and this is the legal right of India He concluded his comment. In addition, the statement noted that representatives of the military command from both sides held a meeting on Monday at the border to resolve problematic issues.

This blame game continues between the two countries. The Chinese defense Minister in reply recorded his protest to India.  He protested in high tune in response to the Indian claim that the Chinese forces had crossed the international borders.  In Beijing, Chinese Foreign Ministry spokesman Zhao Lijian said that the military of the two countries continues to discuss the issue of de-escalation, but did not provide details. “The Chinese border troops always operate in strict accordance with the Line of Actual Control and never cross the line for any action,” the Chinese Foreign Ministry said.

The newspaper warns India that it should not think that America will come ad support India. The maximum support  America can provide to India is in the form of words. That is maximum the America can do for India and America is continuously doing so. In fact, the newspaper believed that the US wished a conflict between both countries. So that the US will be in a better position to use India.

As a result of clashes on the border in recent months, the Chinese army managed to advance its positions in certain sectors, which forced the Indian authorities to raise the issue of returning to the previous status quo. In the Pangong Lake area, the Chinese People’s Liberation Army (PLA) has established control over an 8-kilometer stretch of land claimed by India. Despite the concentration of forces on both sides in the disputed high-mountainous region of the Himalayas, observers recorded a significant decline in tensions after major clashes in May and June.

India deployed twelve T-90 tanks, other heavy armored vehicles, and an additional brigade of its armed forces (about 4,000 soldiers and officers) at the end of July in the Daulat-beg-Oldie area to “prevent any possible Chinese invasion of the Shaksgam Pass. – the Karakorum in the Ladakh region, ”noted the country’s media. Then there were reports that India was preparing to transfer to the border with China, along the Line of Actual Control in the Galvan Valley with a length of almost 3,500 kilometers, additional troops of 35 thousand soldiers and officers.

 It was indicated that New Delhi went to reinforce the grouping of troops in the disputed border area with China after the negotiations on the separation of the forces of the two Asian giants that had been going on in recent weeks were fruitless and the PLA deployed about 50,000 troops along the line of contact. Satellite imagery showed a large concentration of Chinese troops in the Tibet Autonomous Region. New helipads have appeared here. At the same time, it was noted that the PLA can use its system of underground tunnels for the hidden transfer of troops and their sudden concentration on the border.

Recall that the border dispute and the related territorial conflict between India and China have been going on since 1962 when a fierce war broke out in the region of the northeastern Indian state of Arunachal Pradesh. In 2017, India and China clashed in Bhutan’s Doklam mountainous region for two months after the Indian army sent troops to stop Beijing from building a road there. As a result of talks between Chinese President Xi Jinping and Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi in Wuhan, China in 2018, relations between the two Asian giants improved. However, China still claims an area of ​​about 90,000 square kilometers under Indian control.

Final Words

This is not the first time in history that two great powers of Asia are head to head on their borders. This is truly an alarming situation as both of these are nuclear powers. As per the current situation of the world after the coronavirus. No the mental capability of all the economic capability of any country or region can bear the sufferings of the war. 

If the word starts it will be a loss for all humankind. Therefore all countries of the world including the United States and Russia should use their influence to resolve the problem. So that the war of clouds should disappear.