Best Off-Road Hoverboards From Trusted Brands Buyer’s Guide

Best Off-Road Hoverboards From Trusted Brands Buyer’s Guide

It happens that some brands develop their position in the market as trusted brands for a specific product. The same is true for the hoverboard. The hoverboards are made by 100s of different brands and of 1000s types. But only a few of those have established a solid market reputation.

Today’s article is dedicated to those brands that have really established a significant position in the market and are standing on the victory stand. This distinguishes these brands from the other available brands in the market.

Let’s review some of the best available brands’ products in the market. I hope you will like some of those

T6 Outlaw Swagboard by Swagtron

Best Off-Road Hoverboards From Trusted Brands Buyer’s Guide


Swagtron is a very well-known brand. It has established a good position in the market. This is due to the high-quality products this brand supplies in the market. One of these products is the hoverboard.

Built and weight carrying capacity

The board is really stylish to look at. The board is 13.86 Kilograms in weight. The  Wheel size that is found appropriate for this board is 10 inches. So it is fitted with 10 inches tire size. The maximum weight carrying capacity of this strong board is 420 pounds. This is quite impressive where the majority of the boards can carry the weight of around 250 lbs.

LEDs indicators

The board is equipped with LEDs indicators. These indicators help you to maintain your position on the road. It has another direction in which we will move.


This report provides you with an excellent range of 12 miles. This is the magic number for this board. You can understand well what this board can do with a speed of 12 mph. So this is excellent that a board can provide to


The boat can run on all types of surfaces including mud, grass, rain, and even gravel. So next time when you are on the way you do not have to worry about the surface hurdles and surface problems on the road. All you need to do is maintain the balance on the surface and the rest of the work will be done by the hoverboard itself.

Modern-day Functionality

This is quite an up-to-date product that comes with nearly all the functionalities that have been provided with the hoverboard by all modern brands. This is the reason that this hoverboard is equipped with a mobile phone app. This mobile phone app helps you to connect the board with the app.

This not only lets the user perform and control various functionalities of the hoverboard with the help of the app but lets the rider indicate how much power is left in the battery and what the outcome will be with the current resources. This means that with the current battery reserve and the speed for how long the hoverboard can move.

Move-in the Rain

Usually, many scooters are not capable of moving in the rain. This is a truly rough and tough scooter, and this can move in the rain too. This can carry you from one place to another, even if it is running.

Helix Electric ScooterHoverboard Hover-1

Best Off-Road Hoverboards From Trusted Brands Buyer’s Guide


A reliable product from the house of Hover-1. This revolutionary product has good standings in the market. This can keep you moving in the toughest situations where this is not possible for others to move properly.

Personalize Color Availability

This machine provides you with the ability to provide color choices. You can pick the color which you want to pick. This is available in three different color choices. These colors are black, pink, and camouflage. So it’s up to you to pick your favorite color.

Weight and Weight Bearing Capacity

The weight bearing capacity of this machine is off the initial level. The same is the price of the machine. This machine lies on the cheapest side of the domain. If we place this machine in the price domain.

Moreover being a lightweight machine, this is really easy to carry the hoverboard. This is not unusual that you to need to carry the hoverboard from one place to another. It is not at all difficult to carry this hoverboard with you. If this situation happens frequently. We advise you to buy a bag. You can take the hoverboard with you. The bag will really make the carriage easy. Moreover, the bag is suitable for storing purposes. It will save the hoverboard from dust and other elements like that.

The actual weight of the power board is 17.44 lbs. Its weight bearing capacity is not more than 160 lbs. Other dimensions of the product are a length is 25 inches, a width is 9.25, and a height is 9.06 inches.

This makes the machine a compact one to store and carry and provides enough space to ride on it.

Water in the way

So if you know that there will be water in your way full stop you need to carry your hoverboard from this way full stop if you are an honor of an ordinary hoverboard this will be a problem for you but if you are owning this iconic machine this will definitely be a problem for you to move on. This hour board comes with a water resistance level of  IPX4.

Music in the way

If you buy this board, you are actually buying an entertainment package. Bluetooth speaker is provided in this hoverboard. While moving with the Bluetooth speakers, the music will be played on these. So you will never get bored while you are moving on your board.

LED lights

LED lights are provided at different places on your hoverboard. These lights not only make the board Shiny but really provide an indication to the other riders about your position on the road.

Moreover, it provides you with the information needed. Like if you require to know what is the current status of your battery, you will be able to find out with the help of the battery indicator that is present on this hoverboard. The placement of the LEDs is really very wiser on this Hoverboard.

Safety Measures

Multiple safety measures have been adopted to keep you safe while international safety standards have been followed. This is the reason that the hoverboard has multiple certifications that ensure the quality of the safety provided on the power board.

The safety of the battery is ensured through the ul2272 certificate. While the power Cord used in it also has UL certification. Moreover, this device is MSDS and UN 38.3 tested.

Battery capability

High quality battery has been used in it. The parameters of the battery are as under

  • Battery capacity: 36 V, 2. 0 Ah,
  • Charging output: 42 V, 0. 4 Ah

The battery is completely protected. It provides you with overcharging and discharge protection. The charging time it takes to charge completely is a maximum of six hours for a stop the reason is that it needs to operate the Motors, which are for X 200 w

Available at $189.99, this is really a great machine to own.

H1-100w Electric ScooterHoverboard by Hover-1

Best Off-Road Hoverboards From Trusted Brands Buyer’s Guide


An improved version of the final product we discussed. This product comes with some o excellent parameters and characteristics of its own.

Color Choice

This hoverboard is available in 4 different colors. This provides you with the liberty to pick the color of your choice. The availability of hoverboards is in these 4 colors Black, Blue, Camo, and Galaxy.

Weight and Weight Bearing Capacity

Quite a lightweight hoverboard. The weight is nearly the same as the previous one, which was 17.2 Pounds. But here, the difference is the capability of the weight bearing has been improved. This machine can carry weight up to 220 Pounds. As far as the different dimensions of the machine are concerned, the length of the board is 24.84  inches, the width of the board is 9.25 inches, and the height of the board is 9.06 inches.

This really makes the machine quite comfortable to ride on. It allows you to easily drive the machine even in congested areas in the city.

In the way Entertainment

If you have purchased this product you have really purchased a fully loaded entertainment package for your ride. While you are moving on this hoverboard, you want to enjoy some music. The hoverboard is ready to serve you fully. You can enjoy the music’s beat while riding on it.

The machine is equipped with speakers. These speakers can be connected to your cell phone. The music in your cell phone can be played on these speakers with Bluetooth.

Water resistance

This water resistance device provides you the water resistance so that your journey remains solid the way. This machine provides you with water resistance up to the level of  IPX4.

More than that will be a problem for you and the board. Any effort to extend the board’s limits beyond more than its natural capability will definitely destroy the board at different parameters.

Safety Certifications

Safety certifications are necessary for the modern day hoverboards. This makes it possible for the rider to understand the capability capacity and safety level of the hoverboard. This state-of-the-art hoverboard is also equipped with multiple certifications. These certifications include

  • UL2272-Certified battery
  • UL-certified power cord- M
  • SDS and UN 38. 3 tested

In the presence of the certificates you are sure about the safety of the battery. It protects the battery from overcharging and D charging.

The Other safety measures adopted also keep the hoverboard secure.

Battery Parameters

The battery has a capacity of 36 V. It can drive a current of  2. 0 Ah. As this is protected from overcharge and discharge issues, the battery’s capability is significantly improved.  42 V, 0. 4 Ah is the charging output of the machine.

Operational Capability

The machine is fitted with 2 motors of  200W each. This makes the combined power 400W. Moreover, by using both the tires independently, the machine can perform various functions really well.

Every machine requires charging to run. So does this machis. You need to provide it with 6-hour of charging if the battery is completely drained off. The  Max speed this hoverboard can achieve is up to 7 mph.

Available in $ 300.45 this machine provides the ultimate experience compared to this product.

Titan Electric ScooterHoverboard by Hover-1

Best Off-Road Hoverboards From Trusted Brands Buyer’s Guide


Available in slightly less than $500. This product is really worth buying.

Color Choice

Available in four different color choices will be gunmetal pink ok and rose gold. This product really provides the user with a choice of color. All of the available colors are really very unique.

Ride for everyone

This machine is really meant for every person to ride on. This is the reason that it provides three different skill mods so that every rider can ride on it for stock

  • Beginner mode
  • Intermediate board
  • Export mode

You can select the mode according to your own skill level and enjoy the ride on this beautiful hoverboard.

Modern application

The machine is fully equipped with all the modern day is equipped with a mobile app that provides you with multiple facilities.

The machine tells about the current status of the hoverboard. The battery position of the hoverboard, the current speed of the hoverboard, and the current model of the hoverboard.fIt will provide the facility of GPS tracking so that you may not get lost while you are riding the hoverboard.

Moreover, the manufacturer is fully aware of the fact that everybody does not like the same type of display. Therefore you can even customize the LED lights that are fitted on the board with the help of this mobile app.


The weight of the hoverboard is important in two different dimensions. The first dimension is what is the actual weight of the hoverboard itself. The 2nd dimension is how much the power board can carry.

The weight of the hoverboard is 24 pounds. This is quite a decent weight that even if you need to pick the hoverboard you can do it easily. On the other hand, the maximum weight bearing capacity of the hoverboard is 265 pounds. This is also quite a small capacity. But comparing the price it is good

Dimensions of the product

Length of the hoverboard is 30 inches. Width of the hoverboard is 13 inches and the height of our body is also 13 inches. With these parameters, it provides the space to adjust your feet on it. This is quite a decent intervention to move in the city.


The second brand in discussion is the EPIKGO. This is one of the best and the best known brands in the market. Originally based in the silicon valley this brand really works well with the modern days technologies.  We have chosen these three models from the house of the EPIKGO.

These three models will serve your needs in the best possible way. A slight contrast can be observed between these three while there are some unique benefits associated with all. Let’s explore

EPIKGO Classic Elite

EPIKGO Sports Plus Balance Hoverboard

Premier by EPIKGO

EPIKGO Classic Elite


Best Off-Road Hoverboards From Trusted Brands Buyer’s Guide


This model can rightly be said to be the beginner’s model between the EPIKGO models which we have selected for the reviews here. From the house of EPIKGO

Weight carrying capacity

If you are a heavy weight person then the first priority of yours to know about the hoverboard is whether it will be able to carry your weight or not. This is really an important factor that should be figured out early even before you purchase the hoverboard.

If the hoverboard will not be able to carry your weight this will be a complete disaster for you. If you are over 250 Pounds this hoverboard is of no use for you. Therefore we will recommend you to look at other high priced and heavy capacity models.

Operational functionality

The machine comes with a motor of 400 watts. This powerful motor makes it possible for you to even move up Hills. This really makes life easy. Even if it is a comparison between the other available hoverboards in the market. This Hoverboard makes it place in 20% of premium quality hoverboards. This board is capable enough to run on different types of surfaces. Therefore you can really say that this is a Crossroad hoverboard.


An easy way to check the quality of the hoverboard these days is to find out what type of certifications it has. The certifications are the guarantee provided by the third party about the quality issues of the hoverboard.

This is a type of authenticity provided by a reputable agency that the hoverboard has some specific qualities. This Hoverboard holds multiple certifications this include ul2272, ip54 and ip56

Ul2272 means that the battery is effectively safe and it is safe to ride on the ports of the batteries residing inside the board. Ip54 means that incident this product has passed military level tests

Ip57 means that this product is made to provide you with a waterproof ride. It means that even if it is raining you can move on your hoverboard and the circuit will completely remain safe due to the waterproofing elements used in the manufacturing of the hoverboard.

Top speed and charging time

This Hoverboard is capable enough to run with the speed of 10 mph. No doubt this is really a great speed but it is really very difficult to keep away from such an exciting ride. But you need to charge the hoverboard.

This idle time should be there and during this time it is prohibited for you to use the hoverboard.

Thanks to the most recent Technology adopted for charging this hoverboard. It only charges in an hour. This is really a unique feature which distinguishes this Board from the other boards available in the market.

You may think that after one hour of charging the power will not be able to provide you with the satisfied mileage. This also provides the board a leap to keep it away from any of its competitors. You will enjoy a ride of ten miles if you fully charge your hoverboard.

Aesthetic appeal

Premium quality build makes it a rough and tough type of the ride. It doesn’t mean that the aesthetic elements are missing here. Other than that he tried to create stability and durability and it also provided you with a beautiful aesthetic appeal.

LED lights are placed at the appropriate places which serves many purposes. This really makes the hoverboard beautiful happening and people will be bound to look at it. Unfortunately the battery level indicator is not credited to the hoverboard. This is something which is missed badly here and it should be provided.

EPIKGO Sports Plus Balance Hoverboard


Best Off-Road Hoverboards From Trusted Brands Buyer’s Guide


EPIKGO sports is an upgraded version of the EPIKGO Classic Elite. Truly speaking this model is between these two models. Price wise as well as feature wise. Here we have seen some advancements and features in comparison to the previous model. This product has some features that are truly unique to its nature and is associated with this. This product even stays at the middle point if we think of the price.

Let us review the product by looking at different products one by one. In terms of the speed booster, it really provides the boost. In comparison to the other two models that are selected here for review and other wide varieties of the models.

This is the time to do an in depth review of the products one by one


Some people have the opinion that if you do not have enough money to buy the EPIKGO Premium you should look for the EPIKGO Sports model. The differences between the features are not so visible but the difference between the prices is so significant.

Although the differences between the features are present in both models, the price difference is significantly higher. So if you have any problem with the budget this is the best product to try instead of the premium. But if you have the required budget and the purchase of the premium will not break your pocket then you should go for the premium model.

Safety Standards

This is really very important to follow the proper safety standards while in the manufacturing of any type of light. In case we are discussing a two wheeled ride like this hoverboard, safety is more important.

Usually, the hoverboard has an ul2272 or URL 2271 certificate. But this product has both certificates it means that it passes the safety test which is necessary for the UL2271 as well as it passes safety  related to the  ul2272 certificate

Together they make more than 155 tests so if you are buying this product you will be sure that you are driving on a hoverboard that is completely safe to ride.

A powerful Machine

If you think that there are uphill roads in your way. You may think that you will not be able to ride on those roads with your hoverboard. You may think of changing this device. But if you own an EPIKGO Sports Plus Balance Hoverboard you don’t have to worry anymore.

This is ready to serve you in the best possible way. With the help of the two 400 watts motors, you can easily climb on the inclined surface that has an angle of 30 degrees. So remain confident while you are riding on your EPIKGO sports.

Battery performance

Once you have charged the battery at its full. No, you do not need to worry about the battery for a very long time. You can go straight 12 miles on the battery. But do remember that this mileage can be reduced due to some unfavorable and uncontrollable circumstances.

These readings are taken, usually in ideal circumstances. These ideal circumstances are difficult to occur in the natural environment. Therefore the mileage which is quoted by the manufacturer may sometimes be less than the actual mileage you will get while you are riding on the Hoverboard

Tires of the sports model

Tiles are made from excellent quality rubber. That can make the hoverboard run on any surface. So while on these tires do not worry about the path, just move on.

On the way entertainment

The machine is equipped with speakers. You can play the music on the speakers via Bluetooth connection through your phone. This will definitely create the lesser work done while you are moving.

LEDs are installed on the hoverboard this will not only make it beautiful but also has some functional benefits too.


This machine is of Limited warranty. No doubt that the warranty is actually a piece of mind but make sure that you understand all terms and conditions. Claiming a warranty from a firm is a tricky thing to do. Therefore whenever you’re purchasing a product make sure that you have understood all the terms and conditions appropriately.

Premier by EPIKGO


Best Off-Road Hoverboards From Trusted Brands Buyer’s Guide


Some products are superstars once they are released into the market. The Premier by EPIKGO is the product that grabs the attention of the crowd as soon as it enters the arena. Till the day of its release, this is still the popular device. Writing a review like a product of Primer by EPIGO is itself a treat.

It comes with all the expertise that can be owned by a firm that is based in silicon valley.

A powerful machine

Equipped with the two powerful motors of the 400 watts. This machine has two independent machines for each tire. This makes the machine really powerful. Combining the power of both machines the hoverboard will move with the power of 800 watts.

This can easily make the machine move even if you are moving on an inclined surface. It can climb up on roads that have an angle of 18 degrees.

The Safe Hoverboard to Rideon

This is truly a safe board to ride on. Especially when international firms are providing the guarantee for that. This hoverboard owns multiple certificates associated with the safety of the product. These are UL2272 and UL2271.

This makes the hoverboard better than its competitors as the majority of the hoverboards available in the market obtain only one certificate.

It can even move in the rain. This means that the position of the hoverboard is made with this acknowledges that even if it is raining the boards’ Circuit remains safe

The place to stand

It provides a better place to stand. The food space is wide enough and comfortable. You can easily maintain balance while standing in that place.

Range of the Product

The hoverboard can run for 10 miles straight after the battery is charged completely. Remember that this is something that has been calculated in the ideal conditions. The machine is good enough to be charged in a short interval of time. It comes with the facility of fast charging in 2 hours the machine is ready to be Run again

The weight carrying capacity

The machine comes with a weight carrying capacity of 240 Pounds. This is a powerful machine so it does have a minimum weight limit too. If you are less than 31 pounds of weight it will not be possible for you to maintain the balance on the hoverboard.

So the people who are less than 31 pounds are advised not to use this hoverboard for transportation. This is only for the parents not to let their children drive the hoverboard. If they are less than 31 pounds of weight. Otherwise, it may create unfavorable circumstances.

Age limit

Like weight, this does have age restrictions. The kids who are less than 13 years of age are not allowed to drive the power board.

Final Words

Finally this article is at the conclusion stage. Today we have reviewed some of the best brands in the market and the products that are associated with them. Hopefully, see you soon with some other interesting topic. To keep yourself updated with the most recent information about hoverboards do not forget to pay a visit soon bye-bye

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