Tips, tricks and beauty tips for women

In addition to helping to keep you beautiful and looking good, beauty routines and makeup are also an investment, since your image influences multiple areas of your life , such as social, work or family.

Makeup Tricks

Makeup is a very valuable ally to keep in mind for any occasion. Whether going to work or going out to enjoy with friends or with your partner, taking care of the way you use cosmetic products is essential.

With the aim of helping you improve the results of makeup on your face, we are listing some interesting tips for you to take into account when making yourself beautiful, as well as for you to learn how to take proper care of the products that will help you look beautiful.

Keep cosmetics in the fridge

Most beauty laboratories agree that cold keeps the active ingredients in cosmetic products for longer. Low temperatures act by reducing the expiration time of the elements, and better preserve the additives and compounds of the cosmetics.

Use a moisturizer with sunscreen

By using a facial moisturizer with a minimum SPF 30 factor , you protect your face from the effects of UVA rays, which helps to minimize wrinkles and premature .

If you don’t have blush handy, substitute it with lipstick

Fortunately, there is a solution: a well-applied lipstick can perfectly replace your usual blush, bringing that beautiful color to your cheeks. All you have to do is draw a small thin line at the height of the cheekbones, and blend it with your fingers.

Reduce the puffiness of dark circles with a frozen spoon

The important thing here is to take advantage of the vasoconstrictor properties of cold, which will reduce swelling and improve the appearance of your eye.

Mint oil for plump lips

If you have rather thin lips, and you want to increase their volume, apply a little mint oil to your lip base .

Curl your lashes without a curler

The eyelashes are the frame of our look, and the truth is that if they are a little curled, they are even more beautiful. Just place it on your eyelid, just above your lashes, then use it as a guide to curl them up with the help of mascara.