Most of us are hard-core foodies and we could just sit and hog on our favorite ones all day. South India is very famous for the food and Andhra Pradesh’s role in it has to stressed upon.
Here is a list of some delicious dishes of Andhra Pradesh that you should try:

1. Pulasa Pulusu

Polasa fish pulusu

A famous and expensive fish found in the back waters of River godavari. Its a sea fish which enters the river godavari and known for its amazing taste. The demand for pulasa is so high that a KG fish costs between Rs.3000-5000.






2. Gongura Mutton

gongura mutton

The Authentic andhra style mutton curry cooked with gongura leaves giving it the spicy and sour gongura flavour. 200% Andhra Pradesh style a dish. Don’t miss it.






3. Kodi Pulao

kodi pulao

Andhra and Rayalaseema style Kodi pulao is a mouth watering recipe of Rice cooked with meat and spices.







4. Mudda Pappu with Avakai and Ghee

mudda pappu avakai

This is the Festival favorite food of any home in Andhra Pradesh. You got to know a family in AP to try this dish the real way on a banana leaf. If you are lucky you will get it in a restaurant.










5. Natu Kodi koora with Raagi mudha

rayalaseema kodi kura with raagi sankati

This is an authentic dish from Rayalaseema when Ragulu (Filler Millet) are harvested in plenty. Raghi mudha tastes amazing with the Naatu Kodi Koora(Country Chicken Curry).







6. Ulava Chaaru with Fresh Cream

ulava charu

Ulava Chaaru (Brown Soup) is Andhra’s favorite dish made of horse gram. Vijayawada has Ulavacharu manufacturing units which export the packaged Ulava charu to multiple nations and to the major cities of India. Ulava charu with fresh cream is one of the Finest authentic dishes that one should try.







7. Pootha Rekulu

pootha rekulu

Ultra thin wafer made of starch and wrapped with sugar powder and ghee. The Must try dessert of AP. More interesting is to see the making of it. get the access, you will love it.







8. Garelu with Natu Kodi

Chicken with garelu

Garelu (vada) with Natu Kodi is the most loved breakfast of AP. The Combo is a treat.







9. Golden Vanjaram Fry

vanjaram fry

Vanjaram is a Sea Fish caught majorly in the Visakhapatnam Fishing harbour. The most asked appetizer in any star hotel/resort of Vizag. Try it in Daspalla Hotel, they are best at Vanjaram Fry.





10. Bongulo Chicken (Bamboo Chicken)

Last but not at all the least. Bongulo Chicken or the bamboo chicken,chicken stuffed into fresh bamboo sticks and cooked on fire. This is a tribal dish found in the East Godavari and Visakhapatnam districts of Andhra Pradesh. Araku and Papikondalu are the home for the Bamboo Food.