Biden is Approaching Trump is Leaving | The inside story of the White House

Biden is Approaching Trump is Leaving | The inside story of the White House

This happens every four years when the new President takes the charge of the oval office.

This time it is Biden who is going to take the charge as 46th president of America on the 20th of January this year. Before this, every footstep of the Trump era will be erased from the White House.

All the records of President trump’s era will be shifted from the White House. All the office desks will be completely clean before new people from the president Biden team will occupy offices. 

The offices will be as clean as they were never used before. 

Not a single piece of stationery from the old administration will be left there. This is the essential part of the process before the transaction of the power and the new government take over. 

The Western side of the White House is very populated on normal days but now you will barely see anyone there.  Many of the people responsible for different tasks in the trump administration gave their recognition after the incident happened at capitol hill on the 6th of January. 

This is the essential part of the process in which the White House is being prepared for the next President and his administration. 

When President Biden administration will come to take the charge of the officers. The offices should be as clean as new. This is not a new tradition. At least this tradition has a history of at least 200 years. But this time this is not pleasant. The reason is that President Trump refused to accept that he has lost the election. Then a series of indecent started to occur. This was really the saddest incidents occur in the history of America. 

Center for Presidential Transition Washington received applications from 1.5 million to 300,0000 people apply for jobs during the transition in the United States. As the new president takes office of the president. Not all appointments are done by the president. Although nominated by the president but nearly 1100 such appointments have to be ratified by the Senate. This process takes months and sometimes even years.

trump leaveThe policy documents of Four-year, that also include the briefings. These along with all other things containing sensitive information are packed. The boxes that contain these are shifted to the National Archives. These will stay there for 12 years so that this information should be kept secret and away from the eyes of the general public. Although the president even before the completion of 12 years allows publishing the information in these documents. If he or she feels that there is no harm in doing so. 

Even though the people come and move but some things permanently stay in the white house. These are the permanent member of the family of the white house. These include White House furniture. Not all but the majority of the furniture. The most important member of this furniture family includes the Oval Office’s resolution desk. This Oval Office’s resolution desk is the symbol of the American Presidency. But this Oval Office’s resolution desk is not alone to stay in the white house lots of wall paintings still remain there as these are there for a very long time.  Some other elements that stay in the white house include the sugar containers. Thie list is long as these include any state’s own items. But the personal belongings of the president and his family will be removed from the white house. Like most of the pictures hanging on the walls removed, before the new president and his family will come to the white house.