Our Most Wanted Bhai, Sallu Bhai Is Going To bring Back Bread And Butter Of Theater Owners

Our Most Wanted Bhai, Sallu Bhai Is Going To bring Back Bread And Butter Of Theater Owners

Theatre exhibitors association requesting Salman Khan for a cross country theatre release of his long-awaited upcoming movie Radhe. Rashe’s rights are reserved for Zee, but theatre owners and film exhibitors have a hope that only Salman Khan movies will be able to help them to come out from the financial shock they have suffered during the pandemic.

Now zee and Salman Khan both have considered theatre owners’ requests and they are ready to take Radhe to theatres. Salman Khan on his social media announced “I apologize that it’s taken me much time to come back to all the movie exhibitors in theatre owners… as it’s quite a daring decision to be made during pandemic times. Salman Khan said he understands the financial issues of exhibitors and theatre owners as they are going through tough times. He added that he would like to lend some help by opening Radhe in movie theatres.

He added that he also wants some favour from the movie exhibitors that they take utmost care. And as much as possible to keep the audience safe. Those audiences that are supposed to visit the theatres to watch Radhe. Radhe was expected to release on Eid 2021 and he is hopeful that In Sha Allah, Radhe will hit the theatres on this Eid…. Hoping for the best

As its an open fact that last year has been really tough on movie exhibitors and cinema owners due to the covid-19 situation and lockdown. So after this real steep downfall in the earnings of All theatre exhibitors filled an application. And send it to the most wanted bhai of Bollywood to release his most awaited upcoming movie Radhe in India’s different states.

So the good news is our most loved bhai is hitting the theatres again with his movie Radhe and Salman khan are going to help the theatre owners to bring back their fortunes. And all those who have lost their jobs and business with the decay of cinema halls and its surroundings. Our superstar is going to help them all again with his well awaited movie on this Eid.

Beside the cinema owner Salu bhai has requested his fans as well. Those are going to theaters to watch Salman Khan’s upcoming movie Radhe.To not to forget about their safety, that should be their priority. So fans plz take all the necessary measures to keep yourself safe….

As Radhe is releasing on Eid. It’s also one of Salman Khan’s legacies to treat his fans with a mega entertainment on Eid. And we hope that it will also be a mega hit and break the records like his earlier movies which were released on Eid.

His Eid Release legacy has entertainment blockbusters like Bhaijaan, Bodyguard, Kick, Dabangg, Ek Tha Tiger and so many others. All of them were released on Eid and all were super hits…

Radhe is directed by Prabhu Deva and stars Disha Patani against Salman Khan as the main lead. You will enjoy other shining stars like Jackie Shroff, Randeep Hooda and Zarina wahab. Salman Khan is also one of the producers of Radhe and has partnership with Atul Agnihotri and Sohail Khan. So this film is coming up on theatres under the banner of Salman Khan films and being produced by Sohail Khan productions. Along with that Reel life production is also important.

So I really hope that this action thriller can bring some thrill back to movie theaters and support the sinking tank of movie exhibitors!