Hrithik Roshan New House

Hrithik Roshan New House

House to home is a small term but means alot to all the Humans. But only a few are lucky enough to get their dream house in real life. Hrithik Roshan New House Pics are a true example of a dream come house. Where 2020 was hard on few, a few were lucky enough to buy some luxurious houses for them.

Hrithik Roshan brought a new house and that house looks no less than a glimpse of heaven on earth.Hrithik Roshan new house pics are getting viral and for a very true reason. As there is lots of artisticity and glamour involved in this beautiful stunning sea faced house. Filled with fresh moist air from Arabian sea.

This marvellous house is designed by the same interior designer. Who gave a stunning look to Katrina Kaif’s house that is located in Bandra Mumbai. And Hrithik Roshan’s new house cost almost 100 crore rupees … And this house is simple Wowwwww….

The Living Room

Each and every corner of this house is designed with heart and soul. Moreover, some unique specialties which make it truly customised for the three Roshans, for instance the living room is equipped with a foosball table and the marvelous billiards table. Moreover to add more fun for the kids there is a vending machine as well which dispenses yummy chocolates.

Everything in this house is special in design according to Hrithik Roshan’s and his son’s taste. The living room is enhanced with neutral tones and the beautiful grey colour carpet is imported from Jaipur. Each and every piece is delicate, adorable and artistic.

There is another attraction on the made wall of the living room that is a movable grid photo frame. That is adorned with marvelous clicks of 3 Roshan boys and adds more life to this lively living room.

The Movable Dining Room

The dining room dining room is another innovative and amazing Idea by the Roshan family. As Hritik Roshan believes that his children should know how to think out of the box. He believes that this Astrolab glass dining table is a great tool to provide them the freedom and the innovation of dining wherever they want as it is sort of foldable. It can be settled in the centre of the living room or in the bedroom even on the terrace or anywhere in this beautiful mention.. WWherever they like, he believes that such small initiatives and innovations brainstorm the children for novel ideas. And motivate them to think something new.

The Movie Place

There is a special place to watch the movies in Hrithik Roshan’s latest den. The interior and some special elements are good enough to justify Hrithik Roshan new house cost. Each and every corner has something special to delight the residents. The white brick wall don’t only is a beautiful interior addition but also provides a great background to project Roshan’s favourite movies. The sitting pattern of this beautiful movie theater is also very interesting. The irregular seats with multiple sitting levels and  style also add up some feel of freedom. 

Hanging Lounger Room

There is another feature that makes this dynamic living room more dynamic. That is a customized hanging lounger that looks terrific and is amazing in feel and experience. It’s no doubt an expensive luxury and is such an accessory that is no doubt adding in Hrithik Roshan new house cost. After all 4 lacs for a lounger is quite a handsome amount.

Special Perks and Touch From Hrithik Roshan

After all, the whole house is designed with special aesthetics from Roshan’s creative mind. How can we miss something that is purely Hrithik’s mind creation. Whole house is studded with his thoughts and ideas that are added on the walls in the form of golden ideas. Those are driven directly from the mind and heart of the house owner. These are truly impactful, add great details to the house and at the same time give a good contribution in the  junior Roshan’s upbringing.

The Chess board and specially designed quadriptych is a great idea and looks great in the living room. Another beauty that is not worth missing is the ship model that was a special choice of Hrithik Roshan bought from Mauritius and made the Hrithik roshan house inside look more amazing and out class. These small additions might don’t add to Hrithik Roshan net worth but undoubtedly depicts his love and concern for his house.


Book Reading Area

The book reading area is another special addition with its amazingly comfy and classy leather sofa seat bright by Hrithik From Dubai. And the book self is also a very innovative addition in the interior as it looks like a phone booth but has great capacity to contain a good selection of books. So corners look interesting, innovative and still very functional. 

Sports Area

Beside all the sports areas are also very interesting and show great taste of Roshan’s for Sports and fun. After all the physique that Hrithik Rosahn has can’t be achieved without a healthy lifestyle. A specially and customized designed FoosBall Table and Billiard table are simply the stunner and whenever you want to relax they are truly inviting.

Batman Magic Corner

When you are in a boys house Batman is a must and that Batman magic is shown and depicted in the entry of hrithik roshan’s house. That truly shows his love for the character, well Hrithik Roshan is KRISH  in his Bollywood life and is inspired by BATMAN.. So the interiors have some really cute and cool models inspired from the batman series. Awww thats a true difference in hrithik roshan and akshay kumar house. That one is a  lovely lady’s house as designed by Twinkle Khanna and the other is a Boys Den as the brainChild of Hrithik for him and his two sons.…

The Bubble Chair Charm

Bubble Chair charm and its comfort and its artistic look all are worth an experience.Every corner is designed so very well that its a delight for viewers and a cozy experience for dewelers. I must say that Hrithik Rosahns new house inside is far more executive than the house pics.


Boys Room Interior With Rug Republic Interior

The whole interior is worth a watch but the boys room is very intelligent with its world map base theme and the Rug Republic chair is also amazing. There is a yellow ladder that enhances the beauty of the women and provides a good physical activity for the boys. The boys room with a football rug and all the other interior can be any young boy’s dream that Hrithik Roshan has designed for his two shining boys. 

Movie Making Library

As we know, Roshan’s  are a movie maker family. So how they can miss the legacy of a library that shows and knows all about movie making. Hrithik Roshan seems to be training his kids all about movie making. And making them familiar about the success story

The Best Breezy Area

The best area and my favourite part of hrithik roshan’s new house is the den area that is enclosed. But still has an open view towards the sea. The fresh breeze and the amazing sea view area with green grass flooring make this place worth admiring and worth wishing for . Anybody can fall in love with the comfort and coziness of this mesmerizing marvellous luxury house.


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