Can this be the end of India America romance?

Can this be the end of India America romance?

In the United States of America, the presidential election fever is high. Both parties are trying hard to get the attention of Indian American voters. The democratic vice president candidate highlights her Indian origin. This can be a problem for the republicans to gain the attention of Indian American voters.

Although the Republicans have released an election ad. This election ad focuses the President trump and the Indian prime minister Narendra Modi. This election ad shows the friendship between both of these heads of States.

This was really viral compared at least in the Indian community living in the United States of America. at that time many analysts view this as a major success of the republican party to gain the attention of Indian American voters. President Trump is known to create difficulties for himself. Certainly, he does not do it intentionally but this is something which happens automatically.


This new problem arises for President Trump when he said that the air quality of India Russia and China is not good. These comments of President trump received with great anger in India and the Indian communities living in other parts of the world including the United States of America.

Some Indians want that prime minister Narendra Modi should take the notice of this. On the other hand, some Indians except yes this is true that the atmosphere in India is not so good especially the air quality of New Delhi is really very bad.

In recent weeks the quality of the air in India is really very bad, especially in New Delhi. Some citizens of New Delhi even said that it is really difficult to breathe in so much polluted air. The pollution level in India is 2.5 pm.

The dangerous particles are abundant in the Delhi atmosphere. The quantity of these is 180 to 300 micrograms per cubic meter. According to the standards provided by the world health organization, this is 12 times higher than the safe value for humans.

In his argument, President Trump said look at China how dirty it is, look at Russia how dirty it is, look at India how dirty it is. He also criticizes the Paris summit. He said we came out of it because we do not want to spend the dollars on it. He was saying that the money of the American nation should not be spent to clean the air of the other countries. This agreement was done to reduce the global temperature by two degrees centigrade.

In South India, the winter is very bad. Especially from November to February the farmers burn their crops. So that they can make the land ready for the next crop. With this different celebrations in India involve fireworks. These fireworks combined with the transport pollution make the atmosphere very dirty and polluted.

Friday morning the Howdy Modi was the top trend in India. This title was given to Modi in America. A great event was organized to welcome Modi in America. This was one of the major events organized for any foreign leader in America. Similarly, last year when trump visited India the moody arrange a very big event for him in the stadium.

The opposition took the statement of President trump very seriously in India. They take it as an opportunity to criticize Modi.

The very senior opposition leader said that this is the friend of Moody and this is the fruit of this friendship we are receiving.

on the other hand, some Indians took it will be very serious and say that that we need to improve the situation. The pollution is not good for us. This is the reason that we are not able to fight with the covid-19.

Despite all these facts and all this world of Mouth rises in India due to the Trump statement. The truth is that India needs to improve the situation in the country.