The Nepal India conflict

The Nepal India conflict

The last two years of the Modi government brought many problems for India, especially on the diplomatic front. India is losing its friends continuously. The most recent example is Nepal. India has developed multiple problems with all of its neighbors. From China to Pakistan and from Pakistan to Nepal and even recently with Bhutan.

The Beginning of the Conflict
The conflict with Nepal is getting deeper and deeper day by day. This all started with the flood of 2017. Nepal thought that the reason for the flood in its border areas was for the dams India made. India makes many dams with the adjacent areas of Nepal borders. At the same time, China responded to the situation with a 1 million dollar aid amount for Nepal. This turns the table and this was the beginning of Nepal China friendship. In 2015 there was an earthquake in Nepal China responded well in this situation too and helped the people of Nepal to get out of the situation. At this time India also responded but this time there is silence in India. The anger in Nepal is increasing and increasing. Another issue is that India never seeks permission from Nepal or they do not even inform Nepal.

The New Political Map of India

Some areas are disputed between India and Nepal but now India has started to build the transportation infrastructure in the area. This transportation infrastructure is a 24 Km long Road in the disputed territory and Nepal responded too.


The Nepali government has issued a new map. According to this map, the territories of Lipolikh, Lampiadhora, and Kalapani are part of Nepal. A narrative in the sport of this map is increasing the building in Nepal. All the opposition parties and the government relies on the same page for this. This map was issued after India issued a map and named that the above said Territories are actually a part of India.

The image of the current prime minister of Nepal Mr. KP Sharma is developed as a nationalist leader. Moreover, a number of analysts have started to view him as an anti Indian leader. This narrative is making its place in the Indian government official.

The Indian Army chief general has given a statement that Nepal is doing this because someone is telling him to do so. The Indian army chief by saying this trying to hit the collision between Nepal and China. Taking the notice of this statement, the; defense minister of Nepal Mr. Ashok said that this is a humiliation to Nepal.

Nepali prime minister while addressing a public meeting said that this is the issue between India, Tibet, and Nepal. India cannot take any decision on it independently. The prime minister of Nepal is taking this issue very seriously and his mode is very very aggressive. While addressing another meeting that was held with the youth wing of the Communist Party, the Prime Minister said that Nepal will not tolerate the Indian illegal claim in any of its territories even if this is as small as one inch. On the other hand, India replied that they do not make any changes in the map of the border areas with Nepal.

Before issuing this map The then Prime Minister of Nepal said at that time that Nepal did not have any will to do so. At that time the Nepali prime minister issued a statement that they do not want to issue a new map. He said that the map will be painted in the press. The issue is not about printing the map but the issue is to get back the land. He said we are fully capable of getting back our land. We want to live in peace with our neighbor. And we think that this problem can be resolved with dialogue. He added that some people are trying to be heroes and some people are showing that they are nationalists. They want a war they do not know anything about and can ruin the peace. We will not let anyone take even a single inch of our land.

Unfortunately, this is something which never happened a Nepal has to print a new map Before this, the Nepali prime minister was under the attack of public anger that he is not taking this matter seriously.

China Nepal military exercises 2017

It was 2017 when a friendly military exercise between China and Nepal was held. Nepal was a close ally of India but now things are changing attitudes le this will be a threat to India.

Economic ties Of Nepal with India and China

To Neutralize this effect India has offered to invest 317 million dollars in Nepal. On the other hand, China said that it is going to invest 40 billion dollars in Nepal. This 40 million dollars actually made up 40% of Nepal’s current economy.

The intentions are there in which will increase your problem for India.

China will start to export to Nepal. Nepali market is not so big that this can absorb the export from China.The excessive things will be smuggled to India. This will be another threat to the Indian academy. If India will not resolve the issue in time this will be a mess for it to handle.

The Curren Situation
The current Nepali government is trying to make its ties better with India again. On the other hand, they are also trying to improve their ties with China. Recently India has again become the victim of public hate in Nepal. The chief of the Indian secret agency raw secretly visited the Nepali prime minister. This development is of greater concern for the political and patriotic groups of the country. Although India is trying to improve the ties with Nepal. Neoficialios paskolos internetu su vekseliu iš žmonių automobilia be užstato, prekybos centrai, paskolų refinansavimas, SMS greitieji kreditai čia This is an effort of doing so but this will result in a completely other way. The Prime minister has to face opposition even in his own home party. The majority of the politicians in the home party are not aware about this Metting. Many of those have issued a statement that they are not aware of any meeting happening between the prime minister and the RAW chief. Before this, it was decided that all the affairs will be discussed in the internal meeting of the party and nobody can make independent decisions. In this scenario, this meeting of the prime minister with the RAW chief can create problems for him in the political landscape of the country. The critics have criticized the prime minister and said that the prime minister may seek some personal benefits from India during this meeting. This will certainly make the position of Nepal week.