India Celebrated Navy Day  on its major Naval Base Vizag. Navy Day is celebrated on December 4th every year in memory of Victory in 1971 India-Pakistan War fought by Navy from Vizag.

People watching navy day on beach

Its a visual treat and brings out the Indian out of you with a grand exhibit of the strength of Indian Naval Command. War Ships, Submarines, Fighter Planes, Choppers, Tanks, Missiles, etc come exhibit their grandeur and  strength. Vizag beach becomes absolutely crowded to watch this annual celebration.

Here are some great collection of Pictures from Navy Day 2014:

1. That beautiful peacock welcomed everyone.

2. Which was followed by another beautiful one.

3. Oh wait. They are just Awesome.!

4. The Chief Guest, CM Chandrababu Naidu on screen.

5. Looks like some big action in store at the beach.

6. The Navy Commandos in action.

7. Wait.?!  what are they carrying in a boat.?!

8. Its the beast. The War Tanker landed on the beach.

9. A closer look of the war tanker. Real Beast.

10.  Looks like this ship can hold whole city in it and with a Helipad and its own Chopper with a bunch of War Tankers in its deck. This is for sure a nightmare for enemy.

11. Looks like someone needs a rescue. Navy on the job.

12. Mission Accomplished.

13. We have more brutal ones.!


14. Another Bad Boy coming to crush the enemy down.

15. Target Acquired. Missile Launched.!



Enemy Eliminated.!!!!

We exhibited our Strength in 1971 war at Sea. We kept becoming stronger and stronger each day.! We will continue to be much stronger than ever.

We are Proud. We are Indians.

Salute to Indian Navy.!   


photography:  Pavan Photography