Wrestling Moves and Techniques

Wrestling Moves and Techniques

Mastering wrestling moves and techniquesisn’t a matter of minutes. You have to put your heart and soul into delivering an iconic performance. Legendary boxers have mastered the art and are known for their art.

In a grappling sport like wrestling, you must be well-versed in your moves to thrash your opponents. Learning the right techniques will put you ahead in the game. You’ll be able to lead from the front and combat like a maestro.

We are here to guide you through the techniques and moves practiced by legendary wrestlers.

Without further ado, let’s begin.

Master the most iconic wrestling moves to knock out your opponents like a pro

Mastering iconic moves as a wrestler requires great effort. You must be keen on every detail, proper execution, and gear. Getting well-versed in iconic moves and techniques will help elevate your performance.

The basics of wrestling hold

As a beginner, you have to start with the basics. You must work on fundamental moves to reach master ones. Before diving into the primary moves in wrestling, it is good to get familiar with basic terms in wrestling.

Basic terms in wrestling

  • Pin

The pin is also known as fall. It usually occurs when wrestlers hold both of their opponent’s shoulders on the mat for a few seconds, as per the rule. Pinning is one of the primary ways to win a wrestling match.

  • Submission

Submission is a wrestling maneuver that involves forcing the opponent. It puts opponents in a painful position to concede defeat. It allows wrestlers to target specific joints or body parts, aiming to put pressure so the opponent acknowledges defeat by tapping the mat.

  • Takedown

Takedown is the most offensive move executed by bringing the opponent from a standing position to the mat. It involves various techniques like shooting for opponents’ legs, destabilizing opponents’ balance, and executing throws and tips.

  • Reversal

A reversal occurs when wrestlers shift back to the dominant position from the bottom. It is the position where wrestlers are underneath opponents and regains their dominant position promptly.

  • Leverage

Using different body angles and positioning them to gain a mechanical advantage over the opponent is called leverage. Leverage helps you manipulate opponents’ bodies to make executing hold, takedown, and escape easier.

  • Body positioning

Body positioning is the most important aspect of wrestling. Understanding how your body’s orientations influence opponents’ movement and reactions is the art of understanding.

Classic moves in wrestling

Classic moves in wrestling are what make it the most versatile sport. You can get well-versed with timeless holds in wrestling to combat like a maestro. Two basic wrestling techniques define the whole concept of wrestling.

  • The Headlock

Headlock is the fundamental hold that executes both simplicity and potency. It includes controlling the opponent’s head with the crook of your arm and leveraging your upper body to manipulate their movement.

  • Front headlock

This technique involves standing before your opponent and making circles around their neck with one arm. The discomfort of this technique creates pressure on opponents, which helps set up takedowns or other moves.

  • Side headlock

Side headlock involves trapping your opponent’s head under your arms. It helps secure a tight hold against your opponent’s chest. You can control your opponent’s movement and set up transitions or pins in this manner.

  • The Armbar

The armbar is known as a testament in the wrestling world. It seeks to exploit the mechanism of the human arm. Wrestlers use force to pressure the opponent to concede defeat. There are various variations of armbar that you can practice to get desired results.

Focusing on the upper body

In wrestling, you must focus on the upper body to defeat opponents. Here are two fundamental techniques to control the upper body of your opponent.

  1. Front chancery

The front chancery is also known as the front headlock. It is a versatile technique that empowers wrestlers to control opponents’ bodies strategically. Here’s how you can execute it.

Set up and control

Initiate front chancery by taking a step further and wrapping one arm around the neck of the opponent. Secure a strong grip to restrict their movement. This grip will allow you to exert pressure on the opponent’s neck. It allows you to restrict them from escaping or


2. The half nelson

The half Nelson is a wrestling technique that leverages and takes quick control over opponents. It is a classic example of how simple mechanics can deliver powerful results.

Set up and control

To initiate half Nelson, you must grip the opponent’s neck with one arm. Use this grip to roll an opponent on their back while creating opportunities to takedown or score points. In this technique, your body positioning is crucial.

Polish lower body attack

Targeting the lower body is essential in wrestling. You have to master every technique that concedes your opponent to surrender. The lower body attack consists of two main aspects.

  1. Figure four leglock

The figure four leglock creates a web of control over an opponent’s legs. It consists of precision, passion, and strategy. You can manipulate your opponent by carefully positioning and leveraging the opponent’s limbs and building pressure to submit.

Here’s how you can apply it.

Application and variations

  • Positioning

You can tap one leg between your opponent’s legs to create a cross shape as a wrestler. This way, you can bend your opponent’s knee.

  • Twisting

Rotate your body with the tapped leg while maintaining control. It helps put pressure on the opponent’s knee.

  • Locking

With a cross leg, you can create figure four shapes and intensify the squeeze while targeting the knees.

2. The rare naked choke

The rare naked choke is a submission that exploits opponents’ vulnerabilities. It targets the neck and restricts the blood flow to the brain.

Application and variation

  • Positioning

Take position behind your opponent and wrap one arm around the neck. Position the forearm against the throat to restrict blood flow.

  • Hand placement

Place another hand under the opponent’s chin and secure a grip on the bicep of the choking arm.

  • Squeezing

Squeeze your opponent by pulling their choking arm towards their body. Push the other arm to compress the opponent’s neck and cut off blood circulation.

To execute a proper choke, you need to practice under professional supervision. A naked choke can be dangerous and requires proper techniques to execute.

Master the art of submission.

To master the art of submission, you must learn chain wrestling techniques. It involves the transition between holds, takedown pins, and submission.

  • Takedown to pin

You must swiftly transition to pinning and secure the opponent’s shoulder on the mat for a successful takedown. Keep up your momentum and control to block the escape.

  • Takedown to submission

You can exploit opponents’ disorientation to attempt submission immediately. You can quickly catch them off guard to force quick submission.

Visualizing for master holds

To execute holds in wrestling, you have to master the art of visualization. Mental rehearsal can help you imagine each step, grip, and body position. You can build confidence to execute these techniques by practicing daily.

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How can you improve my overall wrestling technique?

Regular refining and reviewing your moves will help you grow as a wrestler. You can also watch instructional videos and live sparring to achieve your goals.

What is the significance of chain wrestling?

Chain wrestling is a smooth transition from different moves performed in response to opponents’ reactions. It allows you to plan your strategy as per opponents’ movement.

How can I learn and practice wrestling moves?

It would help if you practiced daily to hone your techniques and execute moves effectively. You need to opt for hands-on training, study demonstrations, and attend live wrestling sessions.


Exercising wrestling moves and techniques correctly will help you combat successfully. You can dominate your opponents by executing the wrestling techniques discussed above.

Nevertheless, to execute such demanding techniques, you have to be well-equipped.

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Get well-versed with the most iconic wrestling moves and easily dominate your opponents!