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Why is React Native the future of mobile app development?

Nowadays, making phone apps is getting bigger and even better every day. Approximately, there are 3.5 million available for Android users. Apple products and iPhone users can choose from a vast selection of 1.6 million iOS apps on the App Store.

But do you know that the mobile app development landscape keeps evolving? The best part is that we can develop an entirely compatible app with Android and iPhones by having a single codebase.

Furthermore, developing such an app is a boon for a business owner. So, which technology should you choose- Java or Swift?

Well, you don’t have to pick any of these; you can go with one of the popular cross-platform frameworks called- React Native.

What is React Native?

React Native, a sought-after open-source framework, lets developers write JavaScript apps and make them look native. This amazing tech was born from Facebook’s moment in 2010 when their app crashed like crazy due to using HTML.

But from that mess came React Native – an incredible tool that lets developers create working apps with a native feel. It has become a top pick for cross-platform app development and has gained significant popularity. With approximately 8%, it is ranked 12th in the list of most used frameworks per the Stack Overflow Survey.

You may now have a question- what makes it so popular? Why is there hype that React Native is the future of mobile app development?

Let’s discuss this stuff here. Let’s have some points that explain why the future of mobile app development with React Native is bright.

What Are the Different Things That Make React Native the Future of Mobile App Development?

1. Cross-platform compatibility

Back then, React Native was widely used only for iOS app development. But as time passed and people got to know it better, Facebook (the brains behind React Native) decided it shouldn’t be an iOS-only affair.

By having a lot of discussion, it has expanded its territory to include Android. Business holders find this useful as they don’t need to hunt for Java experts or Swift developers separately to develop an app that works on different phones.

They only need to hire React Native developers familiar with the framework. Plus, they must be proficient in JavaScript. Having them on your team, you can ditch budgeting around complicated languages like Java, Swift, or C+.

Another cool thing about React Native is that most of its APIs are multitasking. They work on both iOS and Android platforms, with no favoritism involved.

This means developers can create one component that runs smoothly on both devices. There is no requirement to write separate code for different platforms. In other words, it’s like building once and reaping the benefits twice.

2. Budget-Friendly Development:

React Native is like an open-book project – its source code is free. Although you might spend on coding help or tools, it’s cheaper than other options like Java or Objective C.

So, it’s budget-friendly and attracts businesses. It is moving further; for all of us, money matters, especially when starting a business.  Another aspect that matters the most is the speed to make your mark and keep up with the tech race.

Thus, when you hire a reliable React Native developer, you’re not just getting a coder but a time and money saver.

3. Huge Supportive Community

It’s got this massive community of developers on a mission to fix bugs, make things cooler, and help others use it smoothly.

Suppose you’re planning to create something for your mobile app, something that seems familiar. Chances are that the wizards of the React Native project might have already conjured it up.

This community is seriously a solution-giver. They are always coming up with solutions and then generously sharing them. It’s like having a bunch of experts with you, making the whole process of building apps easy. With this team by your side, your app-building journey becomes smoother than ever before.

4. Enhances Performance

Making the user experience great isn’t all React Native does – it’s a performance champ, too. How? Because React Native apps are developed with native code, tapping into the full might of your device’s system and hardware. Ultimately, your apps run with lightning speed and are smoother.

Besides, they are also more responsive than regular hybrid apps. Thus, for your next-gen mobile app development, it offers high-end performance.

5. Faster App Development

Facebook is diving into React Native’s new releases, a renderer called Fabric, and clever native modules to create a faster start for apps.

These super-fast apps – React Native loads quicker and builds speedy business apps. It’s like an update with the power to reshape React Native’s future.

And there’s more! Watch out for the JavaScript JSI interface. It’s an excellent way for developers to chat with the JavaScript engine. It’s like giving your code a direct line to the engine when working with C++ code.

  • Setting up the JavaScript runtime
  • Getting JS packages
  • Playing tag with callback functions in JS and C++
  • Crafting JS objects and zipping around them through C++

Wrap up:

Consider using React Native for your next mobile app development project, as it holds a lot of potential for the future. Just hire mobile app developers with rich experience in using React Native.