What’s The Difference Between Blog Writing And Article Writing?

Understanding the difference between blog writing and article writing can be very beneficial for writers and readers alike. What kind of content goes into each? What are the difference in style and expression? The objective of this article is to help writers and readers understand the differences between blog writing and article writing to give both the parties some context into content in a digital first world.

Blog Writing:

Blogs are content formats which allow you to express your opinion about a subject matter freely in words. Personal opinions and observations form the main content of blog writing. Very rarely to blog writers resort to means of primary data collection like research and surveys. From an online writing perspective, blog are shorter than articles. The average word count of a blog is that of 300 words- not more. The benefits of blog writing can be seen in terms of the impact that it has on Search Engine Ranking (SEO).

What’s really cool about blog writing is that grammar and sentence structure need not be impeccable. Blogs are platforms to share opinions- content matters more than technicality here. Casual & informal written blogs tend to be more popular amongst people as the casual of expression is a lot more relatable for the masses.

Article Writing:

Typically speaking, article writing doesn’t promote the sharing of opinions. It’s a more structured and formal sort of communication that resorts to facts and figures as means of expression rather than personal opinion. While browsing through ‘articles’, expect to come across references to research papers, interviews, surveys etc. Also, expect the articles to be voluminous- not short. The minimum length of an article is more than 300 words. Don’t be surprised if you come across a 1500-2000 word article on the internet- it’s quite common. Writers who are interested in article writing need to have an impeccable understanding of the language.

Being grammatically correct is very important. However, since most article are published in hard copy magazines or digital magazines- there’s an editor who does all the fine-tuning to the finished work. Many of you may already know how the pricing structure works here. However, for those who don’t, freelancers and writers who write articles generally charge on a per word basis. So, the price of each article depends upon the length of the article.