What is Blooket? How to Play and How to Join

Blooket is an interactive learning tool that combines fun with knowledge. The games use various game modes that enable learners to compete against one another – these resemble some of the popular video games students enjoy for entertainment purposes.

Teachers host live games with questions on their screen or projector, and students participate by using a game ID code. Furthermore, students can track their progress with creating an account.

It is an online game

Blooket is an engaging game-based learning tool that gives students an engaging and fun way to study class material. Combining action with knowledge for an exciting classroom review game more engaging than any quiz. Furthermore, teachers can get detailed reports about student engagement and performance from this innovative educational solution.

Teachers can easily create sets of questions in My Sets or import from Quizlet. Teachers can add titles, descriptions, cover images and multiple choice/open-ended questions for their sets.

Once teachers have created their set, they can click “Link” to share it with others by copying and emailing or texting their contact. Teachers can also click the pencil icon for editing privacy settings as well as Discover for searching up games matching their search query.

It is free

Blooket join is a free-to-play game designed to help students learn through quiz games. Questions cover various subjects studied at school such as math, science and social studies; those answering correctly earn more points; at the end of each round, the person with the most points wins!

Blooket prompts users to create a username and password upon login; Google accounts may also be used. After setting your credentials up, you can explore pre-made sets in the Discover section or create your own using Set Editor to type questions, upload images from computers or URLs, or import from Quizlet.

Once your set has been created, select the host option to share its game code with students and allow them to participate in live game sessions using it. When finished, teachers can analyze students’ performance.

It is easy to join

To join a live game on Blooket, simply click on the ‘Join a Game’ button on the homepage. It can be found near the top-middle and will launch a new browser window for you to request and enter session codes from hosts into.

Once a game begins, players will be presented with a series of questions they need to answer quickly and correctly in order to win. Teachers increasingly find this learning tool beneficial, as it engages students through active participation while clearly outlining correct or incorrect responses.

Once registered, you have the choice between registering as either a teacher or student (note that children under 13 should only register with parental or school consent). After registration is complete, you’ll be prompted to either create your own study set or discover ones created by other users. Click “Play” to join live games or select “Host” to host your own question set.

It is safe

Blooket offers students a safe environment in which to participate in educational trivia-based games hosted by teachers that contain educational content to help build knowledge retention. Students can play these games either individually or collectively, using game results for homework assignments and projects.

The website gives teachers tools to create customized games and questions for their students, enabling them to ensure the content is engaging and appropriate for them. Students can also create their own avatars on the site and track their performance over time.

Students wishing to participate in live games require a valid Blooket Game ID code – also referred to as a pin or “blooket code.” This can be found on the home page and entered in to “Join a Game.” Once done, their game is launched and they may start playing.