Using Technology For Social Good

Involving Technology for Social Good


On an essential level, every single individual on the planet ought to reserve the privilege to influence their own life as they would prefer. For a large number of reasons however, this isn’t generally imaginable; the differentiating fortune of people on the planet is very remarkable. Whether it is because of the region of the world that they dwell in, the people that encompass them or something different, it is obvious that humanity isn’t on a level battleground.

Fortunately, a few organizations, noble cause and people perceive their favorable luck and are focused on making the world a superior spot for other people. This article will zero in on manners by which innovation has been utilized for social great.

Wheelman – Mobile App


Wheelchair access is an issue that most of the total populace, barely consider. This isn’t really down to obliviousness (in spite of the fact that, it is at times) but since for the most part individuals have no insight of being debilitated and utilizing a wheelchair – or the difficulties that it carries with it.

The Wheelman portable application is intended to make the issue of wheelchair openness simpler. Clearly, it doesn’t make already out of reach regions or structures more wheelchair agreeable, yet what it does, it gets along admirably.

Traffic signal framework


The application is planned as a straightforward traffic signal framework that shows the degree of wheelchair openness to a spot. The application depends on openstreetmap information, while the availability data is publicly supported.

The App was created in Germany, so normally this is where it is at its generally evolved (and generally valuable); be that as it may, use all over the planet is beginning to increment bringing about more detail in different areas.

GoodGuide – Mobile App


As a race, we consume commonly a bigger number of items than in earlier years. This is a reality; it possibly turns into an issue when individuals don’t stop to consider where the item is coming from or how it’s treating you. This is where GoodGuide comes in.