Located near Araku , the Tyda nature camp or the Jungle Bells nature camp is a scenic destination if you are looking for some adventure packed with some peace and quiet at the same time. This place is around 3 hours away from Vizag, and is one of the best trekking places in vizag.


Having personally been on this route , I can say that the views that the place has to offer are some of the best that Vizag has. With some of the most beautiful hills on your left when going to the Simhachalam temple, this route has a beauty of it’s own. Expert tip : On the way to Simhachalam, you see a lake right next to the golf club. I had a really good time there. You should go check it out too !


Located well within the city, I would say Kailasagiri is one of the most well developed trekking routes in Vizag. You can either drive to the top of the hill and have a trek near the temple, or you could walk the entire way if you’re up for it. You could also take the steps to the top, if you’re feeling too adventurous. And don’t forget to take the ropeway … that thing is fun !


Getting to Katiki waterfalls itself is a task. You’d have to hire a jeep for around fifteen kilometers , following which he drops you off at a point beyond which no vehicles can pass. You then trek upwards, along a path that can get dangerously slippery and narrow at times. You’re rewarded by a waterfall gushing out some of the coldest water you ever came across. Do click a picture and send it to us !


Looking for a taste of the desert right in Vizag ? Erra Matti Dibbalu (or Red Mud Hillocks , as the literal translation goes) is one of the very few places in the state to have a geo-heritage tag attached to it. And why shouldn’t it ? It has some of the best natural formations I’ve ever come across. Find your own red path and see where it takes you !


Kambalakonda is a dry evergreen forest with a good presence of shrubs and scrub. It is interesting to note that Kambalakonda is still considered to be a good picnic destination by many families, especially on the weekends. Looking for a lazy trek and some lunch to take care of that hunger. Head to Kambalakonda !


The word Bavikonda literally means “Hill of wells”. Located around 15 to 20 KM from Vizag, Bavikonda involves climbing a hill to well, see wells. These ancient Buddhist structures are a sight to behold.


Located around 15 KM from the city of Vizag , Thotlakonda is a buddhist architecture site with ancient significance. This used to act as a trade centre in the olden days , and may have accommodated almost close to 100 Buddhist monks at a given time. The route to the top is breathtaking , and you get to learn something once you do all the climbing.


Probably the only item on the list to be this far from Vizag , Bojjannakonda is around 45 KM from the city. You could also visit Lingalakonda , which is right next to this Buddhist structure. Both of these sites are located at Sankaram , located near Anakapalle.

Go Vizag.!  Go trekking.!!