Top Tourist Attractions To See In Salisbury, England

Top Tourist Attractions To See In Salisbury, England

All of Salisbury grew from a small hill at the foot of the road to a floodplain bounded by three rivers in the 13th century Salisbury’s original village, known as New Sarum, includes a magnificent Gothic cathedral with the country’s highest tower and one of the world’s oldest operating clocks.

The townhouses in Cathedral Close, which date back to the 1200s, were formerly the residences of MPs and Prime Ministers. Prehistoric, Bronze Age, and Iron Age history may be found at Salisbury. An ancient fort may be seen on almost every chalk ridge in the area. Which is littered with burial mounds. Located fewer than 15 kilometres north of the city is Stonehenge, a world-renowned ancient monument.

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Let’s take a look at some of Salisbury’s top attractions:

Chapter house built in honor of King John of England

The best-preserved Magna Carta was on exhibit at Salisbury Cathedral’s Chapter House in 2015 for the first time.

An agreement between a group of rebel lords and King John dating back to 1215 promised them freedom from unjust incarceration, limited feudal payments to the crown, and protected the rights of the Church. This document.

The Constitution and the Declaration of Independence are said to have been influenced by this, not just in England, but also in the United States.

The Town of Sarum

It’s hard to realize that Old Sarum, a few miles north of downtown Salisbury, was once a whole town until the 13th century as you walk through the earthworks.

It is thought that the Neolithic hamlet of Old Sarum and the Iron Age hill fort of Old Sarum date from 400 BC. At Inner Bailey Court, you can still see the outline of Salisbury’s early Romanesque cathedral and the walls of residences from the Norman and Angevin eras, when the site was a royal castle crowned by a motte (mound).

The Cathedral of Salisbury

The first glimpse of Salisbury Cathedral’s hair-raising spire, especially whether it’s obscured by low clouds or shimmers in the summer light, leaves an indelible effect on visitors.

Culled in 1549, the UK’s highest structure, the cathedral’s 123-meter spire has remained thus ever since. Aside from being the oldest clock mechanism in the world, Salisbury Cathedral’s 1386 cloister clock also sets a national record for its size.

The cathedral must be shut down.

Salisbury, with its 80 acres of Cathedral Close, is a unique location rich in history and home to many of the attractions on our list. Between 1200 and 1900 there is a wide range of architectural styles on the cathedral. You may spend some time visiting the Rifles Berkshire and Wiltshire Museum, which chronicles the regiment’s history from the Seven Years’ War to Afghanistan.

The Mill at Fisherton

Fisherton Mill, the South’s biggest independent art gallery, has been open for over two decades. It’s an 1880 brick grain mill that’s been turned into an exhibition space, studios for local artists, and a café. Every time you come back. At Fisherton Mill, you’ll find a gift store featuring the work of more than 200 artists, as well as a café with a long list of accolades.

Home décor, knitting, needle felting, and calligraphy, as well as glass design, all have active workshop schedules.

Church of St. Thomas

New Sarum’s parish church was dedicated in 1220 and expanded in the 1300s and 1400s, when the tower was completed, to accommodate the growing population. Beautiful St. Thomas Square, with a cemetery on three sides surrounded by old homes, is where the church is located.

You can see the roof’s gorgeous timber framing from the aisles. Throughout the Lady’s Chapel are murals depicting the coats of arms of the several Salisbury guilds from the Middle Ages.

Meadows of Harnham’s Fresh Water

With Salisbury as your backdrop, you may explore the lovely Harnham Water Meadows, painted by romantic landscape painter John Constable between two arms of the River Nadder south of Salisbury. A three-kilometer circular route that starts at the cathedral and proceeds through a vast irrigation system that was eventually emptied into a grid of canals in the 1600s has been established. A stunning view of the cathedral from the mountain pastures is frequently referred to be one of the most beautiful in the nation by cattle grazing there. When the meadows are blanketed in a thick layer of mist, you’ll have the best view.

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