Big Data, Hadoop, are the trending words of technology and jobs around the world this day. It’s not just in the corporate companies you hear these, come to Andhra Pradesh CM’s Office, the Tech Savvy CM Chandrababu Naidu talks about Big Data Analytics saving hundreds of crores of public revenue.

Unique Identification Authority of India (UIDAI) issued a total of 70 crore Aadhaar cards across country making it the world’s largest Biometric Data. The new Andhra Pradesh state crossed 90% in Aadhaar Registrations. Integrating this data with the services offered and using the big data analytics, Andhra Pradesh govt is making huge savings and eliminating corruption and duplicate beneficiaries.

Big Data analysis was used on the civil supplies data to wipe off duplicate entries saving an yearly Rs.700 Crores. If the names were removed as there were mistakes in Aadhar Card, the citizens were asked to contact the nearest government center to get it fixed which were very minimal in percentage.

The Big data analysis brought out the blunders and irregularities. The analysis brought out more than 4000 men who were drawing Widow Pensions and were removed from the list. The irregularities were never fixed before as the state-wide data was never analyzed. The enormous increase in white cards and bogus beneficiaries were alleged to have raised during the congress regime are now being fixed by Big Data.

Using Big Data and technologies is not new to the Tech Savvy CM Chandrababu Naidu and his party Telugu Desam. TDP used Big Data Analysis for their decision making in the recent 2014 elections. CM’s son Nara Lokesh, a Stanford MBA graduate is behind the tech adoption and data driven approach supporting his father. Talking to Economic Times in February this year Nara Lokesh talked about the usage of Big Data analysis in the party and predicted that TDP will win in Andhra Pradesh but has trouble in Telangana,

How has it been for you, to get yourself closely involved in politics?

“It’s been very exciting. One of the biggest activities we are doing is big data analytics to define our battlegrounds . And we are doing a lot of fine-tuning to understand the mood of people and sentiment analysis.”

Is this an in-house operation or do you have a partner?

Completely in-house. It was built for the party. We have been at it for about 18 months now. So it’s been completely built for the party. We have hired resources and people and a lot of volunteers. People from Google, LinkedIn, and Facebook, all of them have come on board building this. We are also using Facebook feed now. A lot of people who say ‘I like TDP’ on the Facebook page clearly mean they are very strong followers. A guy who says he likes XYZ of my competition, and we know they are not going to vote for us. So we know exactly how the battleground is.

– Nara Lokesh to ET, Dated 3rd Feb, 2014.  Source.

After a successful analytics-based implementation on the civil supplies, the Agriculture Loan waiver was also integrated with the Aadhar data to figure out the beneficiaries according to the guidelines declared. AP govt ordered the collectors of all the districts to bring up the Aadhar enrollment to 100% and at least 98% by this December to link more projects to bio metric data.