Remembering The Legend: 10 ANR Superhits That You Should Watch

Akkineni Nageswara Rao, fondly called as ANR, is a true legend of the Indian Cinema. He has acted in around 250 films and it is not a cakewalk to handpick 10 best ones out of the masterpieces he had acted in. This Padma Vibhushan recipient made his debut at the age of 17 as has had a tremendous acting career for almost 70 years. Remembering him on his birthday, here is a list of 10 memorable films he acted in:

1. Gundamma Katha, 1962


Gundamma has two children, and a stepdaughter who she mistreats. She hopes to get a ‘resident’ son-in-law who will look after the family. Two brothers, decide to teach the old woman a lesson.

2. Bhakta Tukaram, 1973


Tukaram, a small trader, in spite of being a family man, leads a highly pious life. Though he faces many hardships, his faith in God remains steadfast. What could be the reward for his devotion to God is the concept.

3. Rojulu Marayi, 1955


Sagarayya, a greedy landlord, tries to create a rift between Venu, an honest man who foils Sagarayya’s schemes, and his father. Enraged, Venu decides to fight against Sagarayya.

4. Missamma, 1955


A hilarious comedy about two unemployed college graduates from the city, who pretend to be a married couple, in order to find work as school teachers in a small village.

5. Premanagar, 1971


A romantic story about a wealthy boy whose life revolves around wine and women and a middle class girl who changes him. They fall in love but his mother opposes the match.

6. Illarikam, 1959


Venu, a poor man, falls in love and marries Radha, a zamindar’s daughter. When Venu moves into the zamindar’s house,there are multiple problems Venu has to battle.

7. Mooga Manasulu, 1963


Newly married couple Gopi and Radha make an unexpected stop at a place that re-introduces them to a past that concerns them both. As Gopi recollects his past, he relates a story that mesmerises Radha.

8. Devadasu, 1953


9. Chaduvukunna Ammayilu, 1963


Sujatha and Vasantha are best friends despite hailing from opposing financial backgrounds. They fall in love with Shekhar, but Sujatha marries Prabhakar when she finds out that Shekhar loves Vasantha.

10. Tenali Ramakrishna, 1956


Tenali Ramkrishna is a poet at King Krishnadeva Raya’s kingdom. He comes to know that the King’s enemies are plotting to attack him and conquer the kingdom. Will Tenali be able to save the King is the story line.