Why pawan kalyan is so famous

Reasons Why Pawan Kalyan Is So Famous In Youth

Why pawan kalyan is so famous? In the Telugu Film Industry, the evolution from Chiranjeevi, Nagarjuna, Venkatesh, and Balakrishna to the current generation of Mahesh Babu, Pawan Kalyan, and NTR Jr. began over a decade ago. During times when most personalities need more time to establish themselves and overcome the influence of their godfathers, Konidela Kalyan Babu, widely know as Pawan Kalyan, is one of a limited number of individuals who succeeded to popularity in the entertainment industry within two to three years of their debut.

Happy Birthday Pawan Kalyan The Global Star

The 2nd of September is truly a festival for his fans and followers when Pawan’s day comes. There is lot of pleasure and celebration on Pawan Kalyan’s birthday because of his army of loyal fans who call him “Power Star.Because of his achievements as politician and prominent figure in the Telugu film industry, Kalyan’s birthday is celebrated with gratitude, appreciation, and excitement by people all over the world.

Here Are the Reasons why Pawan Kalyan is so Famous

1. Debut Film In 1996

Before Pawan Kalyan made his debut in the Telugu film industry in 1996, his elder sibling Chiranjeevi built up nearly twenty years of professional achievement as a superstar. Pawan made an initial attempt to replicate his older brother, an action that wanted value. That was when he realized his mistake and started to make his mark ever since. Of course, the star had to work very hard for it.

2. Action Screenplay

Why Pawan Kalyan is so famous? Just when the Telugu audience was constantly fed with the routine formulae and outdated scenes, Pawan Kalyan’s film Tholiprema, released in 1998, took the audience by shock with its fresh story and screenplay, making him a star overnight. this film also got a national award for best feature film and the sensitive climax scenes in Tholiprema truly showed the acting prowess of Pawan.

3. Based On Real Life Stories

Why Pawan Kalyan is so famous? The characters played by him in his films Akkad ammayi ikkada abbayi, Suswagatham, Tholiprema, and Thammudu took him closer to the youth audience because of how much the youth could relate and connect to those the-boy-next-door roles.

3. 2001 Flick

Why Pawan Kalyan is so famous? The 2001 flick Kushi turned out to be a blockbuster and took Pawan Kalyan directly to the gates of the big league. This film had so much craze that it became evident enough when the audience flocked to the theatres even after the re-releasing of the film a year later.

5. Original Stunts In the Movie 

Why Pawan Kalyan is so famous? Pawan Kalyan holds a black belt in karate and he is a specialist in martial arts. The original stunts performed by him in his debut film Akkada ammayi ikkada abbayi and Thammudu and the efforts he had put in for the films just made the audience respect him and love him even more.

6. Jalsa The Blockbuster

Why Pawan Kalyan is so famous? Pawan Kalyan had an all-time low in his career from 2000 to 2008 with most of his films becoming flops. He had risen to the sensation that he is today after jalsa, a blockbuster in its own time. The star’s craze and following grew by leaps and bounds after Jalsa. Attarintiki Daaredi (2013) is when Pawan Kalyan reached a huge position in the industry with the film getting on to be the highest grosser according to some counts and industry blockbuster hit.

7. Strong Story

Even if some of them lack a good story and screenplay, Pawan Kalyan’s movies always had the right conviction and style. his passion towards working for society is evident through his choice of films like Annavaram, puli, and Cameraman Ganga tho Rambabu.

8. Down To Earth Nature

Pawan Kalyan is one of the very few stars who is well known for humility, honesty and his down-to-earth nature. From a lot of charities to compensating his distributors for his flops and arranging technical equipment from his remuneration, he is a people’s man.

9. Different Types of Audience

In many ways, Pawan Kalyan can impersonate many slang flawlessly which connects him to a variety of audiences in the state. action, romance, comedy, sentiments, whatever the character is, Pawan Kalyan can just do it all.

10. Donations

More importantly, people love him for being the philanthropist that he is. He donated Rs.5 lahks to aid the Olympic shooter, Rekha, Rs.20 lahks for the Uttarakhand floods in 2013, and Rs.50 lakh for the mega-cyclone Hudhud in 2014.

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