With high amounts of military tensions between India and Pakistan at probably an all time high, here’s a look at India’s Military Prowess:

1. In terms of Military, India has 13,25,000 active military personnel stationed in various parts of the country, majority of them along the borders.


2. Every country has certain Reserve Military Forces like India has CRPF, Indian Territorial Army and NCC. The number of personnel under Reserve Forces for India is 21,43,000


3. USA has advanced military air crafts like F16s and F22s and India has Sukhoi and Tejas. In that aspect, India has 2,086 under which 242 are Sukhoi Su-30MKI, 69 are Mikoyan MiG-29 (Russian Origin), 39 are Dassault Mirage 2000 (French Origin) and a lot of other advanced aircrafts that were bought from other military heads.


4. India now has 646 Military helicopters with models like Mi Mi-35 from USSR, HAL Dhruv, HAL Cheetah, HAL Chetak which are of Indian origin.


5. The serviceable airports allocated for military forces are 346 in India.


6. In War Tanks, India has 6,464 with 248 Arjun MBTs and 1250 T-90s (Russian Origin)


7. India has 6,704 armored fighting vehicles like armored cars, howitzers, infantry fighting vehicles and personnel carriers.


8. Indian Military has 290 self propelled guns like Dhanush 155mm artillery guns, K9 Thunders, BHIM Howitzers.


9. India has 292 Multi-launch rocket systems in their military.


10. India has a fleet strength of 295 out of which 2 are aircraft carriers, 10 are destroyers, 14 are frigates, 9 are landing ships, 24 are corvettes, 10 offshore patrol vessels and a lot of other vessels.


11. India has 14 Submarines out of which one is a nuclear powered submarine and 13 of them are diesel-electric submarines.


12. India has 2 aircraft carriers, INS Vikramaditya (R33) and INS Viraat (R22).


Jai Hind!