Poverty is Killing The Energy of Millions of People: Rahul Gandhi

Poverty is Killing The Energy of Millions of People: Rahul Gandhi

Congress General Secretary Rahul Gandhi while interacting with students at Vijayawada(Andhra Pradesh) talked in length on the burning issues of the day. He shared his thought on the issues of reservation for the poor students, poverty and attack on Indian students in Australia. Students were very happy to interact with the young leader and they were willing to talk to him for sometime more.

Amous personality Rahul Gandhi

One of the students said, “I am very elated today because every one of us standing here got an opportunity to interact with such a famous personality Rahul Gandhi and it would have been nice if he could interact for sometime more. There were some questions on reservation and poverty prevailing in Indian system and there were also some questions about colleges run by politicians and demanding huge fees. We asked him about the future of poor students who want to study and have lots of caliber. There were many more questions which we could not ask due to lack of time. He answered all the questions very coolly and beautifully that’s why we wanted to interact with him for sometime more.

Congress General Secretary

Talking on the problem of poverty in our country, Congress General Secretary said that it is causing huge loss to the nation. “There are millions of people who could give much more to the country but due to poverty they are not able to do so,” he said. He also put his views on global warming. He said, “In the last 100 years or more, industrial development has mostly taken place either in Europe or in United State. But now, when India and China are trying to industrialize their nation they are saying that it is causing global warming.”

Students were very enthusiastic while interacting with the young leader. Another student said,” He is a right person for becoming the prime minister of this country. He answered in very cool manner and he seems a very experienced person and we expect him as prime minister in future. He talked in an interactive style and talked on burning issues of India.”

Dr Manmohan Singh

While Congress General Secretary requested all present to not to consider him as future Prime Minster. He said, “Dr Manmohan Singh is very capable person and is doing his job well.” Replying to a question on terrorism he said that the country is dealing with the issue in accordance with the law.

He further said that corruption is a big problem for the future politics of India. A girl among the students said, “We expected from him the same answer and we are happy that he gave us the same answer. We are very happy to have interaction with him”.

Congress General Secretary talked on the availability of seats in the colleges and the number of colleges in the country. He also spoke on the cooperation between industry and educational institutions.

Students viewed Congress General Secretary having all the qualities of a future prime minister. “He has the quality to lead the country but still as he is only in his 30s; in future he has the good quality and capabilities to lead the nation.