The internet, evidently, is a mysterious place. It is quite the launchpad for many talents who shot to instant fame. Not everybody makes it, of course. If properly channelized, the internet can actually be a platform for immense talent, and undiscovered potential.

One young lad who exemplifies this statement is Nihal Raj. At the age of 6, he is today the youngest YouTube entrepreneur. Winning hearts worldwide at the Ellen show and having Mark Zuckerberg as a part of clientele, has not changed much in the simplicity this child and his family follow. He developed a love for cooking while he followed his mother around the kitchen since age four.


KichaTube (Kicha being the little one’s nickname) was inspired by EvanTube, where a nine-year-old gives reviews of his new toys, recorded and made into a seven digit business by his dad. Watching this with his elder sister is what inspired Nihal to create his own YouTube channel. Things took a turn for the better when his mother taught him an easy-to-make ice popsicle recipe. Nihal mimicked the chefs he had seen presenting their mouthwatering wares. His father then recorded it on his phone and uploaded them. Shot in his dining room, the recipes would last for 5 minutes. That’s how he was spotted by Ellen Degeneres. His father says, the funny part is we never had to apply for it or anything. They approached us. They somehow got to see Kicha’s video and wrote a mail to us asking whether we’d like to fly over and let Kicha present one of the dishes with Ellen. After this mail, we had around seven Skype sessions to familiarise Kicha with the team.

When Kicha and his family of four arrived at the LA airport, they were no less than celebs themselves. His father recalls, He had his own green room that they had filled up with things that Kicha loved, which they got to learn during the Skype conversation. They even fulfilled his wish for a return flight in a double decker plane where the pilot and crew took him to the cockpit. The USA consulate recently posted a video interview with Kicha. And we don’t know what wins our hearts more, the obvious fact that the child is sharp, or his unwavering innocence. We also got to know that he is obsessed with the universe and black holes. His ultimate ambition in life, unsurprisingly, is to become an astronaut chef.

We wish you all the best, Nihal! We hope you grow to become whatever you want to