International Wedding Food Trends With Buffet Services

Have a wedding in your home and still in confusion for the food part. One of the all the activity taking place food is the essential one of the grand happening of one’s life. From organizing to follow up of served food be it table served or Buffet system Wedding Food Catering need to be paid attention to. From decoration to presentation consider the following ideas for the marriage ceremony of your life.

Love for local item:


Local offered item can create memorable meal and inspire the menu. Source ingredients from wedding locals and make them the focal point of the presented eatable. Singapore based wedding where all liquor & sodas were offered locally, it was great to give a nod to local marketers and exposes guests to some new items. Guests will surely love the taste of getting through each sip. Additionally to being vital to agriculture, choosing eatables season wise that locally sound good for menu & is the most flavorful way to enjoy the eatables.

Going season will require giving up on menu control since cater won’t be able to guarantee the availability of ingredients for the wedding date. Trust and remember that a seasoned caterer wills equally appetizer with substituted dish that you had your heart set on.

Perfect match:


During the cocktail hour or at the desk favorite dishes shrunk down to bite-size canapes accompanied by mini sips will definitely delight guests. Some miniature ideas such as consider taco crostinis with margaritas in patron nips, sliders with mini mugs of craft beers, grilled cheese finger, etc. Shrink your dessert too with late night serving cookie chippers and shots of flavored milk.

Presentation Perfection: 


International Buffet Catering in Singapore is great ice breaker that allow guest to strike into conversation and no stand up in line. Take up cater and idea with cart wheeled by chef to guest during the eating hour of the event. Want something interactive, have a press for champagne framed doorbell sign that guests can ring to request waiter to hand them a glass of bubbly. Expert says even dessert has also become more of an experience. Have a tasty dessert after a fine course plated dinner or at luncheon.

Creative Cakes:


Since it is a wedding day. Cake need to be the center of attraction after brief and groom. Classic cakes are delicious you don’t have to stick to tradition. Modern day couples are more into daring cake designs and leaving shyness away from the real traditional looks. Lot of black, and mixed metallic design which are both quite stunning wedding cakes with cherry on top. Consider mismatch, colorful creation or having small tiered cakes instead. It makes for decadent display giving cake designer multiple canvases to create new multiple flavors, and cake fillings. When it comes to design part, shape, pattern and texture have been inspiring look. Definitely trying and finding new lot of inspiration in cake design.