How to Get the Best Radon Testing Services

If you’re looking for Radon Testing Services in your area, you’ll find a few things to look for. These companies offer short-term tests as well as continuous air monitoring to detect radon levels. They will also tell you the cost and services they offer. To begin with, identify your needs. What are your goals with testing? And how much time should you spend on the process?

Short-term testing

If you are in the market for a new home, you can hire the services of a radon testing St. Clair Shores MI . However, finding the right company for your needs can be difficult, especially if you are not familiar with the industry. Here are some tips to get you started:

The first thing to remember is that radon levels in a building fluctuate on a daily basis. During the heating season, the highest levels are usually found. Other factors that affect indoor radon levels include weather conditions, the operation of fireplaces, and opening and closing windows. If you want to get the best radon testing results, opt for long-term testing. While these tests don’t provide the most accurate results, they do provide the best average levels for your home throughout the year.

The accuracy of the radon testing St. Clair Shores MI results is another important factor. The longer the testing period, the more accurate the results are. With long-term tests, you can determine the average pCi/L level in your home. If your results are low, you may be able to avoid investing in a full-blown radon detector. If your results are high, you should contact a radon mitigation company for further advice.

Continuous air monitoring

The primary goal of radon testing is to determine exposure levels to radon gas. To determine exposure levels, choose rooms where occupants spend four or more hours a day. Avoid closets and cupboards. Bathrooms and basements are areas with limited usage. Measurements should not be taken in unoccupied areas such as basements, sump holes, or nooks in the foundation. These measurements do not represent the true concentration of radon in the occupied room.

Real-time continuous radon gas detectors report measurements in hourly increments. These devices collect air from multiple sources and pump it into a counting chamber to detect radon. The counting chamber is often a scintillation cell or an ionization chamber. These detectors use a solid-state detector, often a silicon diode, to determine the amount of radon in the air. These monitors are arrayed for at least 48 hours. They are useful for initial verification of a mitigation strategy or for diagnostic purposes during the mitigation process.

Detecting radon levels

Detecting radon levels with a radon testing service can help you avoid potential health risks. Radon is a radioactive gas that can be found in all types of homes, no matter where you live. It is naturally occurring. Even two homes that are next to one another can have wildly different radon levels. For this reason, every home must be tested. Some of the options for radon detection are as follows.

First, you can purchase a radon detection kit from a hardware store or online. You will need to leave the detector in your house for a specific amount of time before sending it to a radon testing service. If you are concerned that radon levels may be high, you can reduce them by installing a vent pipe system. This will draw radon from the underside of the home and out into the environment.


The cost of radon testing services varies. It depends on what type of test is performed. Most tests require several days to gather the required amount of data for an accurate reading. These tests can be expensive, especially if they are done at different times of the year or in places where the real estate market is active. The EPA and Surgeon General recommend radon testing in St. Clair Shores MI homes below the third floor. However, the actual cost of testing depends on the type of testing that is performed, and if the home is renovated or has other factors.

If you want to do the testing yourself, you should consider hiring a radon mitigation specialist. Radon mitigation companies have access to various tools and equipment that are necessary for a proper measurement. These tools may include a wet/dry vacuum, drill-powered auger, manometer, PVC pipes, inline fans, insulation, and hydraulic cement. Hiring a professional will save you a lot of time and ensure a thorough result.