With around 50,000 Ganesh idols immersed in the Hussain Sagar, Hyderabad, every year, the lake has turned into a death trap for aquatic life. Though the chemical wastes from nearby industries are already damaging the lake very much, the idol immersion is like a final nail in the coffin. However, this year, the TS government has taken up proactive measures to ensure that Hussain Sagar is not ruined anymore and built eco-friendly immersion ponds in association with HMDA (Hyderabad Metropolitan Development Authority)

These artificial ponds are constructed near the lakes in various parts of the city for the immersion of Ganesh Idols. For this purpose HMDA has constructed 10 such 43X43 meter ponds across the city which will have a depth of 4 metres. The cost of these ponds is Rs.55 Lakh each. Altogether, Rs.6.95 crore is allocated on creating the 10 concrete ponds. These ponds will host the immersion of idols which are under 8 feet height. These immersed idols will be removed from the lakes within 24 hours and dumped.

Places where the ponds will be set up:
1. Hussain sagar
2. Cherlapally Cheruvu
3. Saroornagar Cheruvu
4. Malka Cheruvu in Rayadurgam
5. Nallagandla Cheruvu
6. Oora Cheruvu in Kapra
7. Pariki Cheruvu in Kukatpally
8. Pedda Gangaram Cheruvu
9. Ranghadhamuni Cheruvu
10. Vennela Cheruvu Jeedimetla in the GHMC limit

These concrete ponds are not only available for the immersion of Ganesh idols but also for other religious rituals and functions like bathukamma etc.