Creative Ideas to Ask Someone to Homecoming

Homecoming is one of the most anticipated events of the year for high school students. It’s a chance to get dressed up, dance the night away with friends, and hopefully build some memories with a special date. However, actually asking someone to be your homecoming date can be nerve-wracking. You want your invitation to be memorable but not over-the-top or embarrassing. Here are over 50 creative ideas to help you ask that special someone to homecoming in a unique way they’ll never forget.

Make a personalized song or poem

Record yourself singing or rapping a song about why you want to go to homecoming with them. Or write an original poem expressing your feelings. Include personal details about them or your time together. This shows effort and creativity. You can present it to them on a CD or printed on nice paper.

Compile a scrapbook

Put together a scrapbook filled with photos of the two of you, ticket stubs from movies you’ve seen together, notes you’ve passed in class – anything sentimental. Include a short message on the last page asking them to homecoming. Take time selecting pictures and mementos that will make them smile.

Send flowers or a bouquet

Roses are always nice, but be more creative. Send unique themed flowers like lilies, daisies or sunflowers with your homecoming invite tucked inside. Include a personalized note attached. For a guy, carnations or tulips work well too. Or make your own DIY bouquet with things that represent your relationship, like gumballs or candy.

4 Decorate their locker

Cover their locker door and surrounding area with balloons, streamers, pictures, and your invite asking them to the dance. Make it colorful and festive but not too over-the-top. Include your favorite candies, snacks or little gifts tucked in the decorations as a nice touch. Make sure to check if locker decorations are allowed at your school first.

Bake them cookies or a dessert

Who doesn’t love baked goods? Personalize homemade cookies, cupcakes or brownies by frosting “Homecoming?” on top and adding other decorations. Package them nicely with your invitation. Put some thought into their favorite flavors or colors. This is sweet (pun intended!) way to ask in a thoughtful yet lowkey manner.

Make a personalized puzzle

Use a photo editing app to turn a picture of the two of you into a jigsaw puzzle. Print the puzzle pieces on cardstock at home or online, cut them out, and invite them to put it together to reveal your homecoming question. Include clues on the back of each piece to help them assemble it. A fun interactive way to pop the question!

Create a scavenger hunt

Hide little clues and notes around campus or in your neighborhood leading to the final clue – your invite! Make each one a fun riddle or brain teaser related to your history together. Include small gifts or snacks along the way. This gets them exploring and thinking, while showing your creativity and that you know them well. Just be sure the hunt isn’t too long or complicated.

Send a care package

Fill a basket or box with their favorite goodies like candy, chips, drinks, cute pens, coupons for their favorite spots – anything to show you pay attention to what they like. Include your homecoming invite tucked in the middle. Customize it based on their interests. The gifts say you care without being too romantic or extravagant.

Post on social media

Come up with a fun graphic, boomerang or short video asking them to homecoming. Mention personal inside jokes or memories you share. Post it on your story where only they can see it at first. Send them a private message letting them know to check your story. A low-pressure digital ask that still gets the point across with humor and reference to your bond.

Make a personalized coupon book

Design a coupon book filled with fun date ideas you can do together like “One free coffee chat”, “One movie night cuddling session”, etc. Have the final “coupon” be your homecoming invitation. Handwrite each coupon and decorate the front cover with pictures of the two of you. A lighthearted way to pop the question that shows you listen and care about their interests.

Decorate their car

Carefully place flowers, balloons and your invitation under one of their windshield wipers or inside their car where it can be easily spotted. You can also hang string lights and photos on the outside. Make sure not to damage the paint! Get their parent’s permission first if you don’t know their door code. A fun surprise for the creative ask.

Make a personalized candy bar

Wrap candy bars to look like real candy bar brands but replace the logo and flavor with details about your inside jokes and memories shared. Include phrases like “Take me to Homecoming?” written in the candy ingredients. Decorate the wrapping paper. A slightly cheesy but sweet ask they’ll instantly get a kick out of.

Turn an inside joke into an invite

Everyone has little shared memories and jokes just between them. Turn one of yours into a creative way to ask. Examples: reenact a funny moment from your relationship history together on video and include the invite; leave clues around school related to that joke leading to your question; frame the invite as a resolution to that inside joke reference. Personalize it to showcase your bond.

Design a personalized invitation card

Get crafty making an invitation card from scrapbook paper, cardstock or poster board. Decorate it with stickers, washi tape, photos, and drawings related to your friendship. Handwrite the invite inside in your best penmanship. Include your favorite candies or trinkets tucked inside as a small gift. A personalized touch shows effort went into the ask.

Deliver a picnic basket

Pack a picnic basket with all their favorite snacks, drinks and a sweet note asking them to homecoming. Include cute disposable plates, utensils, napkins and maybe even a small stuffed animal. Tie a balloon to the handle. Leave it at their door with a door hanger notifying them of the delivery. Have their parent contact you if they aren’t home. A unique outdoor-themed way to pop the question.

Present a song lyrics poster

Choose a song that reminds you of them or your relationship and print out the lyrics. Highlight certain lines that signify why you want to go together or share inside jokes. Tie it to your invite asking them to homecoming. Rolled up like a diploma or propped against a gift would be cute presentation ideas. Easy, simple way to show your bond through music.

Make a personalized playlist

Curate a playlist on Spotify or Apple Music filled with songs that remind you of them, inside jokes you share, or meaningful lyrics for your relationship history together. Include a note explaining each song’s significance and your invite at the end. Share the playlist privately with them through social media or text. An intimate digital ask that’s personal without being high pressure.

Leave clues in their schoolbooks

Slip small notes with clues or hints about meeting up in between the pages or cover of textbooks or notebooks you know they’ll be using for class that day. Make each clue a funny message or reference to your bond leading to the final note asking them out. They’ll smile finding each one throughout the day. Just be discreet so it doesn’t disrupt class!

Give a box of movie candy

Fill a nice gift box with all their favorite movie snacks like popcorn, candy, chips, juice boxes, etc. Wrap it with color photos from movies you’ve seen together or want to watch at homecoming. Tie on a balloon and attach your invite card. Include two tickets to their most anticipated upcoming flick. A fun gift and question rolled into one thoughtful detail-oriented gesture.

Hide notes in their school supplies

Place small origami or sticky notes with hints, riddles or clues to solving your homecoming question inside their school folders, calculator case, agenda, pencil bag – anything you know they’ll use daily. Space them out so the reveal is over several days or weeks leading up to homecoming weekend. A playful long buildup that maintains anonymity. Be strategic about slipping them items unnoticed!

Send a homemade Care Bear

Sew or embroider a stuffed Care Bear with your initials or a photo of you together on its belly. Include your question inside or written on its foot. Wrap it up cute with a bow. These friendly bears represent childhood positivity and cheer – a sweet, sentimental ask perfect for the creative dater. Display your sewing or crafting talents with this personalized touch.

Hide clues in sheet music

Slip small clues or notes with lyrics relevant to your bond amongst the pages of sheet music from band or orchestra folders you know they practice from regularly. Space them throughout various pieces so they slowly solve your invite reveal over days or weeks. A creative ask combining talents and one ensuring multiple interactions. Coordinate with their band/orchestra director first.

Create a personalized graphic novel

Use illustration software or design your own comic strips telling the story of your relationship from the beginning leading up to your homecoming proposal. Include inside jokes and adventures had together through creative panels and word balloons. Print or share digitally. Show off your storytelling skills through this artistic medium they’ll appreciate.