Commitments by Builders that make property buyers feel cheated in the end

The real estate sector has been experiencing years of growth and significantly contributes to the global economy. Building high-quality homes and businesses, creating jobs, and advancing society have all been essential contributions made by real estate developers to this expansion. Yet, builders breaking their commitments and homebuyers feeling cheated and angry have also hurt the real estate sector.

Homebuyers who didn’t receive their homes in the period promised have complained more frequently in recent years. There are several reasons for these delays, including Difficulties in acquiring the necessary governmental approvals, issues with labor or land acquisition, or financial constraints. Homebuyers have a cascade effect of these delays while they aim to buy a property. Due to a lack of adequate infrastructure, homebuyers must face additional costs or struggle to move into a new property.

Also, there have been instances where builders failed to provide the equipment or construction quality that was promised. These differences range from simple problems like burst pipes to severe structural flaws and environmental risks. The safety and well-being of homebuyers may be significantly affected by such matters, which may also lead to financial losses if not dealt with quickly and effectively.

Commitment Not Fulfilled By Builders (But D&C Does)

Let’s find out what things are missed from other builders but will be fulfilled by D&C with assurance. 


  • Carpet Area Deduction

One of the most common complaints home buyers have about home builders is that they don’t deliver the carpet they promise. Builders often strip away a good chunk of the rug, leaving buyers deceived and dissatisfied.

Carpet area refers to the size of ​​a home that can be used for carpeting, not including wall thickness. It is an essential factor for the buyer as the buyer uses it to calculate available space. However, builders often deduct the area occupied by common spaces such as elevator lobbies, stairwells, and even wall thickness. These deductions can be substantial, and the room available to the buyer can be much less than promised.

Such deductions can cause confusion and disputes between buyers and builders. There is even a need to take steps. It is critical that construction companies provide accurate and transparent information about the carpet area to avoid such disputes and maintain credibility in the industry. 

  • Solution: D&C is a leading real estate service provider that promises 100% carpet area, as promised at the first meeting. If you want to buy property in Ahmedabad, connecting with them is undoubtedly the best option.  
  • Protection Against Moisture

Moisture damage is a common building problem and can cause severe structural issues and occupant health risks. To combat this problem, home builders often offer home buyers a moisture repair warranty, promising to repair moisture-related damage within a specified period. Contractors do not honor these warranties, leaving homeowners to deal with the aftermath of moisture damage themselves.

Builders must meet their moisture repair obligations to maintain homebuyer confidence and ensure the safety and health of residents. They must ensure that building practices and materials are of the highest quality and well-ventilated to prevent moisture buildup. 

  • Solution: This problem is easily solved with the help of D&C Constructions. They promise to deliver your home with a 1000-day moisture-proof guarantee. Thinking about buying a commercial property in Ahmedabad? Without a doubt, D&C is the best.  
  • Follow RERA Timeline for Home Possession

The Real Estate (Regulation and Development) Act (RERA) was introduced in India in 2016 to regulate the real estate industry and protect the interests of home buyers. One of the key provisions of RERA is to require the developer to provide the title to the home to the purchaser within a specified period. RERA provides homebuyers with a framework for timely title transfers and imposes stiff penalties on builders who fail to meet these deadlines. The builder must register the project with her RERA and provide accurate information on the progress of the construction work. 

You must also meet the project completion schedule and hand over the title to the buyer within the promised time. Builders who violate RERA regulations can face penalties and imprisonment. Homebuilders must meet their obligations to homebuyers and comply with RERA laws to maintain industry credibility and protect home buyer interests. 

  • Solution: Another case where the buyer feels cheated because he doesn’t get the house by the date listed on the RERA. D&C follows all the rules and regulations of RERA & fulfills it to provide a great buying experience. Talk to their team to find the best property that fits your needs.  
  • Sufficient Amenities

One of the most common complaints home buyers have with property developers is their inability to deliver the amenities promised in brochures and advertisements. Builders often offer some attractive amenities to attract homebuyers, but when it comes to the actual delivery, they fall short of their promises.

Such deviations can significantly impede a homebuyer’s quality of life. They may incur additional costs to get the promised amenities or adjust to a lower standard of living than expected. For home builders, it is essential to provide home buyers with amenities that promise to protect their reputation and the interests of their customers. 

  • Solution: D&C is a construction company that consistently delivers more than it promises. You are solely responsible for providing the amenities shown in the brochure. 


Such differences can have a significant effect because homeowners may have used their funds to buy their ideal home. Homebuyers may experience considerable emotional and financial strain due to delayed or unfinished homes and variations from promised quality. Although it may result in litigation, this process can be drawn out and laborious.

If you are considering buy property in Ahmedabad, contact D&C Construction. Move into your new home with 100% satisfaction.