Baahubali characters are the perfect match to the movie characters.

10 Baahubali Characters that Increase the Standards of Indian Cinema

Baahubali: The Beginning” and “Baahubali: The Conclusion,” both of which were helmed by S.S. Rajamouli from South India, have made a lasting impact on audiences across the globe. Disclosing in 2015 and 2017, the films captivate audiences with an enchanting blend of stories, actions, and elegance as they transport viewers to the legendary land of Mahishmati with baahubali characters. The films have garnered considerable acclaim due to their awe-inspiring battle sequences, magnificent set designs, and visually dazzling effects.

Here Is the List of Baahubali Characters That Make It More Powerful

1. The Destined One: Baahubali characters

Every story has one moment at its core which defines & drives the entire plot. That is what Baahubali do, the main character of the Baahubali series.

He has to fulfil his destiny, come what may!!!

2. Avanthika – The Angelic Avenger

Her beauty is shrouded in mystery!!!

She is the powerful character who helps Shiva (Baahubali) to find what he is from where he belongs.

3. Bijjala Deva – The Uncrowned Bitterness

Bahubali characters

Venom in every word!
Resentment in every step!
Envy in every thought!

4. Sivagami – The Epitome Of Justice

She is the mother of Bhalala Deva and aunt of Baahubali (Bahubali characters) and popular for her justice.

5. Aslaam Khan – The Persian Noble

6. Kattappa – The Slave Warrior

A lifetime of living by the code of Honor.
Does it lift your chest high in Pride? Or
Weigh you down in Pain??

7. Kalakeya Warlord – The Ruthless

Blood quenches his thirst,
Violence gives him peace.
Commander of a 100,000 barbarians!!!

8. Devasena – The Smoldering Secret

Tortured and held captive for years, are the embers of her spirit finally dying?

8. Devasena – The Smoldering Secret

Strength Unmatched. Power Unchallenged. Mind Unread.

10. Shivudu – The Unrestrained

ఆ గంగను మోసిన జంగమదేవుని నెత్తిన

నరనరమున సత్తువ ఉరకలు వేసిన
నరోత్తముడు ఎవడు!

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