Chief Minister of Andhra Pradesh N Chandrababu Naidu said that the world-class capital city Amaravati is definitely going to take shape by next Dussehra and has said that the growth of the state and its economic development is dependent on Amaravati. He said the capital city will be developed in such a way that it will create employment opportunities for youth and by achieving progress in all sectors. Sending out his Vijayadasami wishes to the people of the state in an open letter on Sunday, the Chief Minister said the blessings of Goddess Kanakadurga would help the state build a world-class capital city.

He said the state is slowly recovering from the irrational bifurcation of the state and zooming ahead with development and economic growth. “I envision a great future for this state through an inclusive growth strategy in a planned development model. My government is committed to developing Amaravati as one of the best cities and I’m sure it will be among the top five in the world,” he said. He said that Amaravati is going to be an environment-friendly green city. The CM once again thanked the farmers of capital city for giving up their precious land for construction of the capital city. He promised that the government would not forget the sacrifices of the small and medium farmers. Naidu said the government is planning improve the Human Development Index (HDI) rating of the state on par with a few advanced countries in the world like Norway, Denmark, Switzerland, USA and Australia. He said the government is committed to taking steps to achieve this gigantic target.

The CM said that 13 leading international schools from across the world expressed keen interest in setting up their campuses in the new capital city and their presence would eventually make the capital city an educational hub. He said power, agriculture and water are key for economic development of the state and they are focussing on these issues apart from taking steps for improving the living standards of the common people in the state. The initiatives taken by the government led to transformation of the power sector from a deficit power supply scenario to a power-surplus state. He claimed that the government had taken steps to ensure quality of power supp ly at global standards. The government is keen to provide uninterrupted power supply with best affordability and without compromising on quality. “For the first time in the country, AP discoms are monitoring power interruptions to end consumers on daily basis using world-class distribution performance indices such as System Average Interruption Duration Index (SAIDI) and System Average Interruption Frequency Index (SAIFI),” the CM explained.