The new state of Andhra Pradesh ended up being a revenue deficit, capital less state because of the bifurcation, which made Chandrababu Naidu, the leader with experience of building economic activity in Hyderabad to be the Chief Minister of Andhra Pradesh. The promise of making Agriculture Profitable, Creating an IT graduate and an Entrepreneur in every house and building 3 mega cities with Capital City standing as India’s best were majorly looked at by the people.

Its been 6 months that Mr.Chandrababu Naidu took over as CM of Andhra Pradesh. Here are 20 things you should know that happened in the last 6 months.

1. Successfully achieved 24*7 power supply in the state of Andhra Pradesh.  


The first achievement of the government of Andhra Pradesh came in when it claimed zero power deficit by the introduction of projects to supply 24/7 electricity to all domestic, commercial and industrial users from 2nd of October 2014.

2. First in India to hold a Paper Free e-cabinet.


Taking a step further in eGovernance, the Andhra Pradesh state Cabinet went paperless making it the first cabinet in India to do so. The agenda and the minutes of the meeting will be electronically recorded while power-point presentations will made on important subjects for elaborate discussion.


3. Declaration of Vijayawada as capital of AP, Vizag as financial capital and Rayalaseema as industrial & spiritual hub.


If capital has to be built, a place acceptable to the most has to be selected and a master plan for the construction should be laid. The decisive leadership brought in the timely decision of choosing the capital as Vijayawada and making it agreeable to all. Declaring Vijayawada as capital CM Chandrababu Naidu also declared Vizag as the financial capital of Andhra Pradesh and Rayalaseema as industrial and spiritual hub.

This is addressed as a very wise move by critics for two reasons. One being this move allows these three major regions to have their own revenue generating opportunities which helps in elevating the overall quality of life of the state. The second reason being this reduces the economical dependency between the regions unlike the old times where Rayalaseema had to rely on the income generated from Andhra and Telangana of United Andhra Pradesh.

4. Allotted the land and got the clearances for Sanctioned Educational Institutions.


The institutes are allocated as IIM in Vishakapatnam, IIT in Chittor District, NIT in Krishna District, IIIT in West Godavari District.  The academic year to start from 2015 in IIM and IIT.

5. Increased pensions from Rs.200 to 1000 rupees.

pension chandrababu naidu

Announced a hike in social security pension from Rs 200 to Rs 1,000 per month. The scheme is being implemented from 2nd of October 2014

This is the biggest welfare scheme implemented by the TDP government, helping  44,41,795 people in Andhra Pradesh.

6. Used Big Data to save 700 crores per year in civil supplies alone. Signed an MoU with Google India to build an e commerce platform for farmers. 

The tremendous increase in white cards and fake beneficiaries which were said to have elevated during the tenure of previous government are now fixed by application of Big Data. The Big data analysis done by the Government of Andhra Pradesh back in October uncovered the errors in the government records which exposed the identities of more than 4000 men who were illegally pulling Widow Pensions. This was instantly corrected. The application Big Data analysis on the civil supplies data to wipe off duplicate entries is saving an yearly Rs.700 Crores.

The big data analytics are being used in various other programs to remove wipe off duplicates and irregularities.  

7. Curbed Red Sandal, Mineral, Liquor and Sand Mafia in Andhra Pradesh State. 


– Encountered the red sandalwood smugglers who attacked the police and arrested the rest on Sheshachalam forest range and stopped red sandal smuggling.

– Cancelled the Sand Mining to external parties, gave the mining rights to Women self help groups making them entrepreneurs and made the process online to make it transparent and efficient.

– Abolished belt shops to avoid liquor overflow. Cancelled the illegal leases of mining and controlled the Mining Mafia.

 8. CEOs summit at Vizag and declaring it as Financial Capital of Andhra Pradesh and Second Financial Destination of India.


Chief minister of Andhra Pradesh M.Chandarbabu naidu Participated in a conference with 300 selected CEO’s of global IT majors at Visakhapatnam and discussed about providing all necessary inputs for AP to be a investor friendly platform for both software and hardware centers. The meeting was intended for the IT companies not only to set up their hubs in any of coastal Andhra towns but also to promote skill development and employment opportunities for the youth of the state.

9. Wipro Special Economic Zone & Tech Mahindra Campus.

Wipro & Tech Mahindra are set to establish their facilities on the call of the government of Andhra Pradesh. Once operational the wipro facility will house more than 6,400 software professionals and Tech Mahindra will be launching their second Campus in Visakhapatnam (Vizag). Tech Mahindra project would  create employment to 5000 people with an investment of INR 250 Crores within five years.

10.  MoU with Eros for Entertainment City in Vizag. 

Eros Investments Ltd and the Andhra Pradesh Government inked a memorandum of understanding to set up a mega Entertainment City in Vizag involving an investment of about $5-10 billion (approximately Rs. 30,000-60,000 crore)

11. Signed MoUs with Japan and Singapore Countries to develop Andhra Pradesh.

chandrababu naidu with Japan PM

12. Launched the Primary Mission along with Dr.Kalam to make agriculture and allied sectors Profitable. 


13. Signed up a Technology Partnership with ISRO. 

Chandrababu naidu with ISRO chairman Radhakrishnan

This is to curb illegal mining and improve the efficiency in various programs by mapping them with real time data, imaging and mapping from ISRO satellites.

The real time data was used recently during Hud Hud relief where the images from Sattelite were used to route the Rescue teams on where are the fallen trees and other information.

14. Attracted Industrial Investments in Andhra Pradesh. 


· Agreement on Indigo Hub at Vizag

· Birla Ultratech & Ramco Cement Plants

· DRDO & NFC Units in Kurnool

· ISUZU and Kobelco Cranes at Sri City · SMS Pharma

· Wipro Santoor Plant at Hindupur

15. Replaced the regular lights with LED bulbs and lights to save electricity.

LED Bulbs andhra pradesh 

Replaced the Street lights of Vizag City and distributed LED bulbs through out Guntur District which will save close to 400 MW of power directly, and when the transmission and distribution losses are also considered, it will be saving appx 800 MW of power which needs a mega power station to generate.

16. Launched NTR SUJALA to provide 20 Liters Mineral Water for just Rs.2.

NTR Sujala balakrishna

17. Merging the 7 mandals of Khammam District into Andhra Pradesh and forming Polavaram Project Authority to finish the Polavaram Project construction in 4 years. 


18. Successfully brought Hero Motor Corporation to AP defeating Karnataka, Maharashtra & Telangana in the competition.


After some intense discussions with the government of Andhra Pradesh, Hero MotoCorp on 16th of September 2014 agreed to enter for setting up a two-wheeler manufacturing plant in Chittoor district with an initial investment of 1600 crore rupees followed by a future investment of another 1500 crores. This will result in production of 1.8 million two wheelers which helps in  providing direct employment to 3,000 people and indirect employment to another 6,000.

Telangana and Karnataka gave a tough competition by allotting the land and attracting with incentives, but CM Chandrababu Naidu’s meet with Pawan Munjal in Delhi changed the decision.

19. Efficiently dealt the biggest cyclone ever hitting a city.


The weather forecast was done with cutting edge technology and real time data was used to send alerts which helped in saving many lives with a minimal life loss of 48 and electricity was restored in under 7 days. As many as 1,35,262 people have been evacuated and accommodated in 223 relief camps and food supplies were procured and spread by the government very efficiently and the financial & infrastructural loss is being taken cared by involving professionals and organizations to work with the government as a whole unit to rebuild the city. Power was restored in 2 days and the rest in 3 to 4 days. Won hearts of the Vizag city by staying in a bus and bringing up the city back to track in a week.

20. Became the first state in the country to formulate a Start Up Policy and inaugurated the “Sunrise Startup Village”.

sunrise start up vizag andhra pradesh

Started with the motto of having at least one entrepreneur in every family in Andhra Pradesh the Startup & Innovation policy aimed to establishing 5000 startups in Andhra Pradesh in the next 5 years.

Sunrise Start Up Village was inaugurated in Vizag to host the Start Ups and serve as incubator.