Eetha Pallu

11 Native Fruits You Should Try in Andhra: Eetha Pallu, Regi Pallu

Exploring the flavorful landscape of Andhra Pradesh with rich traditions, this journey is incomplete without indulging in its native fruits. From the tangy zest of the Tamarind to the sweet juiciness of the Mango, Andhra Pradesh boasts an array of fruits that tantalize the taste buds and capture the essence of the region.

Delight in the kick of the locally grown Chillies, the refreshing burst of the Custard Apple, the cousins of the dates Eetha Pallu, Regi Pallu, and the yellowish Nuzvid Mangoes. Each fruit tells a story of the land, its climate, and the people who have nurtured it for generations. Here we discuss the 11 native fruits found in Adhara.

Rajamundry Seethaphalu

Natrure’s answer to factory-produced Vanilla ice cream, the custard apple grown in Rajamundry is the Sweetest Seethphal you can eat right out of the tree. One spoonful of it is really what you need to start an addiction.

People in the city of Andhra Pradesh love the sweets called Rajamundry Seethaphalu, which are also called Rajamundry Sweets or Rajamundry Rasalu. People love these because they have a unique flavour. The freshest cashews, sugar, ghee, and cardamom are used to make Rajamundry Seethaphalu. These delicious sweets are then shaped into small pieces.

The taste of each bite stays in the mouth, featuring an equilibrium of a smooth, silky texture and a pleasant nutty sweetness. The luxurious culture of Andhra Pradesh claims an extensive and distinguished history, and these sweets not only provide a delightful flavour but also reflect a cultural emblem of that rich past. Rajahmundry Seethaphalu, whether enjoyed as a brunch pleasure or as a representation of affection and joy

Venkatagiri Kota Sapota

The Sapota/Chikku is one fruit you will develop a love-hate relationship with. You will love it for its taste, enjoy it as much as possible right from the first time, and then you will hate it for the fact that it won’t be available throughout the year. It’s a never-ending cycle you must try the milkshake of this fruit.

Venkatagiri Kota Sapota is a tropical fruit that originates from Mexico but is extensively grown in many warm places across the globe. Sapota, with its brown, grainy surface is a recognized dish valued for its distinct flavour and nutritional advantages.

Vitamins A, C, and E abound in sapota, and it is also a good source of minerals including potassium and iron. The adaptability of this food extends beyond being consumed in its raw form it may be included in a wide range of cuisines, desserts, and beverages. The Venkatagiri Kota Sapota is an excellent choice if you’re seeking a healthy fruit that is delicious both raw and cooked.


Sweet, juicy, fresh all-natural. I’m not reading the description written on the ice cream cup in my hand. I’m just describing the taste of Munjalu a fruit that’s widely available in rural Andhra Pradesh. It’s Nature’s summer gift that hydrates your body and fights the sun while giving you a natural loving taste.

Delicious Munjalu, sometimes called Indian blackberry or Jamun, is well-known for its unusual combination of sweet and sour tastes. The tropical plant Munjalu is a native of the Indian subcontinent and a popular crop there. A single, rectangular seed divides the rich, dark purple flesh that lies beneath the dark purple to black skin.

The fruit’s refreshing flavour and numerous health benefits have earned it great renown. Munjalu is said to have digestive aid, blood sugar regulation, and immune system-boosting properties due to its abundance of minerals, vitamins, and antioxidants. Munjalu is a beloved treat because of its nutritious value and delicious flavor, which are enhanced when eaten either fresh or cooked into jams, juices, or sweets.

Nuzvid Mangoes

The unique geographical conditions of Nuzvid, characterized by fertile soil and a favourable climate, contribute to the exceptional flavour profile of these mangoes Nuzvid mangoes are renowned for their juicy goodness and superb quality they can be identified by their bright golden colour and silky, fiberless skin. With every mouthful, you’ll experience a delightful explosion of tropical flavours.

No matter how you eat them, pureed into a delicious smoothie, or baked into a mouth-watering dessert, Nuzvid mangoes are the ultimate summer fruit, and they will make you happy every time. We say more while the whole world is in love with them?? Just the fact that it is the most exported fruit in India would suffice, doesn’t it? Don’t Miss to try the Nuzvid Special Chinna Rasalu and Pedda Rasalu.

Krishna-Godavari Tegalu

The Tender Palm Shoots although available throughout the length and breadth of rural Andhra, Krishna, West, and East Godavari is a region famous for them because of their peculiar taste and freshness thanks to the magical Godavari water. Tegalu is dug from the ground and steamed on fire to bring up an amazing taste.

Fresh Coconut Meat Of Konaseema

When you say meat the first thing that comes to my mind is the naatukodi (country chicken) cooked by grandma. That’s another story. The meat extracted from fresh coconut is bliss, eat it with freshly extracted honey and you will never miss that again.

Konaseema’s fresh coconut meat is a culinary treat that makes you think of coastal luxury. As many people as possible love it because it tastes great and transports them to the sunny beaches of Konaseema in Andhra Pradesh, India.

Every bite is a blast of tropical tastes, and the rich, buttery texture goes well with the light sweetness of the coconut meat. Konaseema residents like to snack on fresh coconut meat or add it to both sweet and spicy foods. This is because the area has a lot of natural resources and its cooking customs are very skilled and artistic.

Neredu Pandu

neredu pandu

“Neredu pandu laanti kallu” is often a term used to describe someone with beautiful eyes. This berry looks beautiful and tastes even better. Words are a waste of effort. Try it. It is also called a blood purifier for its natural anti-oxidant content.

Neredu pandu in English called the Java Plum or Indian Blackberry is loved for its sour-sweet taste and bright purple colour when it’s ready. This fruit comes from South Asia and grows well in warm places. Many people enjoy it for its tasty and healthy properties.

Neredu Pandu in English Java Plum is a unique fruit that tastes a bit sour, like cranberries. You may find it in many sweets, drinks, and preserved goods. Java Plum is still a beloved treat that represents the heart of tropical pleasure, whether it is eaten fresh or added to other tasty treats.

Eetha Pallu

Eetha Palu

The cousins of the Dates?
Yep, palm-origin fruits that have a unique taste are a must-try.

Eetha Pallu in English

The exotic Eetha pallu in English, often called the Indian Palm Date is an indigenous tropical fruit of India. A treasured elegance, Eetha Pallu has a rough, bumpy surface like a tiny jackfruit with a unique fragrance. Its taste profile is sweet and tart, and its perfume is just as delightful. The fruit is more manageable and less intimidating to eat than conventional jackfruit because of its small size.

The flesh is delicate, delicious, and a light golden colour; it also contains tiny seeds. A lot of people like eating Eetha Pallu fresh, either by itself or mixed with sweets and fruit salads. This summer, satisfy your sweet need with this tropical pleasure, which is sure to leave your taste buds begging for more.

Regi pallu

The favourite one of all, Regi Pallu are seasonal fruits that are available in winter through the Sankranthi festival and are part of the Telugu culture. Though we have the hybrid ones flooding the market, the real ones are the kings out there.

Regi pallu in English

A little, spherical fruit with an appealing tangy-sweet flavour, Regi pallu in English is also called Indian jujube or ber. Originating in South Asia, this fruit has a long tradition of usage in both cooking and medicine. Its juicy, crisp flesh is best eaten fresh because of the invigorating rush of flavour it provides. You can use regi pallu in both sweet and savoury recipes since it has an apple-like texture and flavour.

Raw, dried, or cooked into jams and sweets, regi pallu is a wonderful way to include tropical flavours into your recipes. The health advantages of regi pallu, which include a wealth of important minerals and antioxidants, contribute to the fruit’s widespread acclaim and culinary popularity.

Cheema Chintakaayalu

The traditional Indian snack known as Cheema Chintakaayalu has a crisp texture and an alluring flavour that comes from the Andhra Pradesh area. Fresh green tamarind is sun-dried after a thorough cleaning to retain its acidic flavour, and the resulting delights are delicious. After drying, the tamarind pods are sprinkled with a spice mixture that imparts a zesty, spicy flavour—red chilli powder, salt, and a touch of turmeric into them.

Careful attention to detail is required during preparation since each pod is seasoned separately to guarantee consistency in flavour. The Cheema Chintakaayalu are sun-dried until they are completely dry, at which point the tamarind and spices combine to create a deliciously spicy and tangy snack. With their irresistible blend of flavours and textures, these delicious delicacies are a classic in Andhra cuisine and are sure to be a hit at any event.

This bite-sized fruit with its pleasurable sourness makes it an instant hit with many. It’s from the Tamarind family, but a more attractive and unique-tasting one. This one is kind of the rarest one to find in the market now but is still there a unique one in the rural. Try your luck finding one.


There are sour fruits and then there is Usirikaaya. Nothing can match the pleasure of eating it when it comes to taste. It’s from the Amla family, but the wilder and sourer version of it, unlike the bitterly sour Amla.

I only wish that someone would grow all these trees on a single farm and keep them available for travelers and foodies to explore. Until then, Explore the Rural, Explore Andhra Pradesh. ?

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