Godavari Temple

10 Godavari Temple: Godavari Pushkaralu List

Godavari is the second largest river in India after the River Ganges and also the most happening place for rituals after the River Ganges.

For example: If Haridwar is the “Kumbh-mela” of the North, then Nashik is the “Khumbh-mela” of the South. Many other stuff happening in other places too? As The “Godavari Pushkaralu” are here, We proudly present you the temples near Godavari river. Here is the 10 Godavari temple or Godavari Pushkaralu list you must visit.


Triambakeshwar is one of the twelve Jyotirlingas, sacred places of residence of Lord Shiva, this gives the place great importance. The meaning of its name is “three-eyed Lord,” which comes from an old legend about Shiva taking on that appearance. This is the temples near Godavari river, adding to the serene atmosphere of lush vegetation and holy waters.

Location: This Godavari temple is located on the Banks of Godavari and in the heavenly city of Nashik, Maharashtra.

Saint Jaganade Maharaj Temple

This is included in the temples near Godavari River deep in the Indian state of Maharashtra, where you’ll find the famous Saint Jaganade Maharaj Temple. The peaceful and devout atmosphere affects the shrine. People fly miles to visit this holy location in search of peace, to pray, and to absorb the inspiring spirit of devotion. The Godavari temple is a haven for those on a spiritual search, with its peaceful environment, decorated building, and the sound of religious chanting floating through the air.

He was a Varkari, a Vaishnav devotee of Lord Vitthala, who is supreme Lord Krishna Himself appearing as the King of Dwarka.

Location: It is located in Paithan, Maharashtra.

Sinhasta Kumbh Mela: Godavari Temple

The Sinhasta Kumbh Mela, sometimes called the Simhastha Kumbh Mela, is a massive and adored Hindu worship event that takes place in India. Prayagraj (formerly Allahabad), Ujjain, Nashik, and Haridwar are the four holy sites that alternate hosting this joyous occasion every twelve months. The Sinhasta Kumbh Mela is a celebration of culture that highlights the diversity and rich traditions of India, in addition to being a religious event.

Location: Located on the banks of River Godavari in Nashik, Maharashtra.

Sri Kaleswara Mukhteswara Swamy Temple

This Temple is situated here on the banks of Triveni Sangamam of Rivers Godavari and Pranahita in Kaleshwaram, Telangana.

Don’t miss this “Dakshina Gangotri”.

Takht Sri Hazur Saheb

It is one of Sikhism’s five Takhts, “The Thrones Of Power” and is included in the Godavari temple. It is historically important because it symbolizes the location where the tenth Sikh Guru, Guru Gobind Singh, held court and died in 1708. The temple, also known as Hazur Sahib, has complex construction and is venerated by millions of Sikhs throughout the world. Visitors come to this holy site to honour Guru Gobind Singh Ji and absorb the spiritual aura. The Takht is a symbol of Sikh tradition and religion, attracting devotees from far and wide to experience its deep spiritual energy and historical significance.

Location: Located in Nanded, Maharashtra.

Sri Narasimha Swamy TEMPLE

Located in Dharmapuri, Telangana, temples near Godavari river

Godavari flows from North to South in Dharmapuri, Hence the River is locally called ‘Dakshina Vahini’ (South Flowing).

Sri Rama Temple

The Sri Rama Temple is a calm evidence of devotion and architectural mastery. A believer landmark, located in the centre of Bhadrachalam, Telangana, pays tribute to Lord Rama, a hero in the Hindu religion known for his righteousness and bravery. The temple emanates a sense of calm and spiritual resonance, thanks to its detailed sculptures and vibrant hues. Visitors come here to pay their respects to the holy person and seek consolation and blessings in the magnificent cloister devoted to the renowned god.  This temple is the place where Lord Ram along with Sita and Lakshmana stayed for a long time during their exile.

Location: It is located in Bhadrachalam, Telangana.

Sri Uma Markandeyswara Swamy Temple

According to the recitals, a Muni called Mrukhanada was dedicated to Meditation with the object of getting children and Lord Siva gave Varam the choice of Muni to select a Baby having no husband throughout her life or a Boy surviving 11 years for a spirit of devotion and pious personality.

Location: Located in Rajahmundry, Andhra Pradesh.

Sri Narasimhakshetra

This one is included in the famous temples near Godavari river, Sri Narasimhakshetra temple is a respected symbol of devotion and faith. This sacred place, dedicated to Lord Narasimha, Lord Vishnu’s fourth birth, attracts monks and travellers from all around in search of blessings and relief. The temple’s architecture conveys grandeur and peace, with intricate artwork. the Sri Narasimhakshetra temple serves as a timeless witness to the ongoing history of faith and respect in the hearts of millions of people.

Location: Located on the banks of the Godavari River in Antarvedi, Andhra Pradesh.

Sri Gnana Saraswati Devi Temple

It is considered a very holy place by Hindus as “Chaduvula Talli” or “Goddess of Education”.

Location: This temple is located in Basara, Adilabad District, Telangana.

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