Here’s How to Nail Down the Perfect Wedding Venue

When it comes to your wedding, every detail plays a part in creating your perfect big day. However, a few things have a more significant impact than others. One of the biggest would be your venue. After all, it sets the backdrop for the whole event.

But finding the perfect venue in Northern Beaches isn’t a piece of cake. There are many choices, from a stunning barn to a cosy restaurant, ballroom or a quiet stretch of beach wedding venues Northern Beaches available.

Don’t worry, though!

Here are a few tips at your disposal to choose a place that’s just right for your special day!

1.     Let your Vision Take the Lead

Every person has a vision or theme regarding how they want their big day to go about. Therefore, keep this vision at the forefront when you look for a venue.

If you are one of those couples looking for something on the modern side, look at warehouse spaces, galleries or high-end restaurants and resorts. On the other side, a wedding with a natural theme clicks well with outdoor areas such as parks, ranches, beaches or backyards.

2.     Know your Guest List

Choosing a venue before you count the heads will more likely lead to a space that is too small to accommodate your guests. Not only will it make your people feel unwelcomed, but it will spoil the whole wedding you have spent an eternity on planning.

Therefore, take some time out and sit with your wedding planner and family to list your guests. Also, keep the room open for plus-ones.

Though the attendance will fluctuate from the list, it is better to be safe than sorry.

3.     Don’t Underestimate the Budget

There is nothing more disheartening that discovering your dream wedding venue Northern Beaches only to realise that it is out of your budget.

That said, you might have collected or separated funds for your wedding. But it is more important to come up with a budget with assigned costs for everything from venues to food and drinks, decorations, videographers and photographer, among other things.

Most couples allocate 10 to 15% of their specific budget to the venue. For some, it could be up to 20% if the venue has added benefits.

4.     Take a Look into Packages

Most wedding venues have their own package, including catering, decorations, music or photography. However, you have to be extremely careful over here because rental items are often at a basic level – like white linens, banquet chairs, standard flatware, lilies, etc. As such, you might pay more to bring items that help bring your vision to life.

Therefore, if you are looking at full-service venues, ensure they match your wedding theme.

5.     Location is also Important

In addition to ensuring that the venue meets your needs and desires, be sure also to consider the venue’s overall location. Think about how close it is to an airport or train station and if the area is safe and secure.

Moreover, you should check about nearby accommodations or if the venue has one.

Final Words

When choosing your wedding venue, it is better to start at the earliest.

If you are dead set on a particular date for your wedding, it is best to define the theme at the earliest and start looking for a venue. At the same time, if your date is flexible, it is still a good idea to start in advance as you can explore more options.

Moreover, you can pick the date based on the venue’s availability rather than being shackled by a specific date. As such, once you begin the search, the above-listed tips will further guide you in the right direction.