You Can Try These 5 Tips To Become A Guest Blogger

Being a guest blogger offered by several popular blogs quite often. This chance must be seized by bloggers due it is beneficial to get an abundance of traffic, increase reputation, get quality backlinks, and increase friendships with the blog owner. Aside from that, if you want to get more fired up in start a blog, you can visit our website.

In this post, I inform you 5 tips to be a guest blogger, and here are the tips for you:

    1. There is a desire

The first thing to do is you must have the desire to be a guest blogger. This desire will arise if you understand the benefits of being a guest blogger. How much do you want to be a guest blogger? If your heart flutters to become a guest blogger, it means that your desire is great.

   2. Confidence

Many bloggers are not confident to be guest bloggers. I observe this from the few comments that appeared on Blogguebo when the blog posted the opportunity to be a guest blogger.

   3. Read carefully the requirements provided by the blog owner

So as not to violate it, read at least twice the requirements. Usually, the requirements are like this: the original writing, not copy-paste, is not being sent to other blogs, and has never been published (either on one’s own blog or another blogger’s blog).

   4. Observe the relevant blog

             Take your time to observe the following:

  • What is the topic of the blog?
  • What types of posts are there?
  • What are the categories?
  • What are the most popular posts?
  • What is the writing style?
   5. Determine the topic of your writing

The easiest thing to determine the topic is to see what post topics are not yet on the blog. At that time I saw that the topic about the characteristics of domain names did not yet exist in Blogguebo, so I took the topic of the post.

In addition to looking for references, as a guest blogger, online research is useful to see whether the topic taken was written or not by other bloggers. While doing this online research, I observed the top 10 posts that appeared on Google. If the topic has been written, you can still use the topic from a different perspective or inform the latest developments.

Write a post

Make sure the body of writing that you make does not promote your business. In addition, also use on-page SEO techniques, including the number of keywords per paragraph, and image titles. The aim is that the post (if it is loaded) ranks well in the search engine. Thus, the opportunity for traffic overflow is even greater. Don’t forget, to create your biodata at the bottom of the article by including a link to your blog or post. This is to provide your background information to blog owners and readers when the writing is published.

Review posts

After writing, review your writing 2-3 times. This is to see if the flow of writing is good and if there are no typos.

Send Posts

This delivery is done via email. Do it politely and give a brief description of your writing. For example, your reason for choosing the topic of the post. After sending, usually within 1-2 days, the blog owner will tell whether your writing is suitable or not. If it is appropriate to load, he will also inform you when the publication time is. What if your writing is rejected? If given the opportunity to fix it, fix it immediately and send it back. If you get rejected again, how? There is no other way, just publish it on your blog.

Promote and answer posting comments

Once published, promote posts on your own blog and social media (Facebook, Twitter, Google+, and News Crossing). This is so that the article is read by a lot of people so that the opportunity for the overflow of traffic to your blog is also getting bigger. Don’t forget, to answer readers’ comments if they need your explanation or if someone might refute what you write.

Well, for those of you who have experienced insults and slurs that have lowered your blogging motivation, then it’s a good idea to know what it’s like to be a blogger. There are several things that are advantages of a blogger.


It is undeniable, apart from journalists, bloggers are the most up-to-date on news developments. Because bloggers always want to find out the latest news to be posted on their blogs. For this reason, bloggers are always hungry for the latest info and the latest news in the world today, making them someone who is always up-to-date.

Know the development of technology

As a person who lives in the digital and information era, it is a must for a blogger to know the latest technological developments. Especially if the blog niche is technology and gadgets. Being a blogger also makes you not tech stuttering alias clueless. Because you are already familiar with various facilities on the internet, such as YouTube, Facebook, Twitter, Dropbox, SlideShare, and others. It is not uncommon for founders of well-known startup companies to start their business from blogs, such as Neil Patel.