Write to bloggers

Write to bloggers

5 tips so that your request does not end up in the trash

We have already explained to you what blogger relations are and how to find a good book blog. So that the successful cooperation with your blog of choice can start, now only the optimal address is missing. We will explain how you can proceed.

How to successfully write to bloggers. A broad and interested audience is best reached online through the influence of bloggers. They are regarded as opinion-makers on the Internet and reach many people through their contributions. They build trust with their favorite bloggers and let them virtually advise them on purchasing decisions. This applies to lifestyle products and fashion as well as to good books.
If you want to do marketing for your book and are planning an action with bloggers, a proper contact is crucial. Book bloggers who take their job seriously and run their blog successfully often face a luxury problem: they get so many cooperation request that they can (and must!) choose who they want to work with and who they don’t. We present you with 5 tips that will help you decisively when contacting bloggers.

Do your research!
Before you write to a blogger, you should briefly inform yourself about the respective >strong>blog and the person behind it: Who is the contact person, what topics are being written about, and are they relevant to your book?
Social networks can also be helpful here. Many bloggers regularly post there to read books, their interests, and contributions worth reading.
A blogger who only writes about travel will surely like to read a travel guide, but he will be less interested in a science fiction novel. The better you know the respective blog and blogger, as well as his reading taste, the more personal and effective you can formulate a request.
Remember: The blog is a mediator for your message, through it you can reach many potential readers in the best case. It is, therefore, worthwhile to invest time in contacts with bloggers – so-called blogger relations.

Make an impression!
Writing to bloggers has some pitfalls that you absolutely must avoid. If you expect professionalism from a blog and its operator, you should also implement it in your posts. Bloggers are happy about visually appealing materials such as flyers, excerpts, or pictures that give them a first impression. They can then also use these in their blog posts to introduce you as an author in an appealing and versatile way.

The relevance of your own website or blog should not be underestimated! Here bloggers or readers can at best find further information about your works or your person. Check out our blog articles for help with using Facebook marketing, Instagram marketing, and building your own website.

Write briefly and precisely!
Writing novels may be your passion, but to get in touch, you’d better keep it a little shorter. Bloggers have little time, but are usually happy about original requests.
In general: class instead of mass. Try to adapt your mail directly to the blogger and show that you have dealt with the content of the blog. Mass emails with unspecific subject lines end up in the trash more often than a personal, polite message.

By the way: Range is not everything. Even if it seems tempting to write to the bloggers with the widest reach, it is especially difficult for young authors to be noticed by them. Try smaller or medium-sized blogs first. Their operators are often just as professional and sometimes even more committed. In addition, they like to be in close contact with their followers.

Blogger Email
It is best to write an e-mail in which you mention all relevant information briefly and concisely.

Definitely included:

  • a polite and personal salutation (in the imprint you will find the corresponding name)
  • a short introduction of yourself and your book (also include the cover as a visual incentive)
  • an explanation of why you chose exactly this blogger for a cooperation
  • You can get creative and start with an apt quote or anecdote, for example. Afterward, you will explain your concerns and what you expect from cooperation. Add your personal data at the end and link to further information or your website.

After the request, you should be patient for some time and give the blogger enough time to answer. Even if you may wait impatiently, it is usually of little use to follow up again on the blogger’s social networks or by e-mail. However, a polite request after a few weeks is perfectly fine.

Formulate expectations!
Write to bloggers politely and respectfully. Formulate in your e-mail in as much detail as possible what you expect from the respective bloggers.

The following questions can help:

  • What is the theme of your book, and who should it address?
  • What could cooperation look like in concrete terms?
  • In what time frame does the cooperation take place and by when would you like to have a review?
  • Do not try to bend the respective blogger or give them an opinion. Make sure that bloggers who are contacted are familiar with your genre and show serious interest. If you still get a bad rating, in the end, be sure to react professionally and maintain the right handling of negative reviews.

Keep an overview!
After your first cover letter, some bloggers have certainly come forward and would like to work with you. From the very beginning, be sure to create a directory in which you record the most important data of the bloggers such as an address, e-mail contact, blog address, other social networks, or the preferred type of output of the book (print? eBook format?).
This also makes it easier for you to keep in touch later and expand your cooperation. Many bloggers are happy to hear about you and your projects regularly or to develop new ideas for a collaboration.