I present to you the SEQUEL to “Mr. ChandraBabuNaidu, You do NOT deserve Andhra Pradesh!” 

Okay, so here I go –

9 reasons why this man par excellence totally deserves to be re-elected:

1. He has gone out of his way to foster “Entrepreneurship” in the state.

I recently attended this entrepreneurship summit by the name “StartAP Fest” where I was given to hear that the revenue Andhra Pradesh has received from enterprises after the partition with Telangana is a mere 740 crores out of the 36,000 crores generated. And Mr. Naidu has got it right this time! He struck the iron while it was hot!

From the Sunrise Startup Village to the infinite endless efforts he has made so far, this man has done something truly remarkable!

3. He stood by his word. He is doing his bit for the farmers !

He said that 93 per cent of the agriculture loan had been waived with Rs 287 crore in the first phase, which benefited about 2,46,653 agriculturists.

“In the second phase, 31,065 farmers will be covered. Even though the government is currently in deep financial crisis, it is committed to fulfill the election promise of loan waiver,” he added.

What’s better is that the Government uploaded the list online. I mean, how tech-savvy can someone get! ?

4. Launched an ‘online grievance monitoring system’  MEE KOSAM as part of the flagship program, ‘Smart Andhra Pradesh’.

chandrababu naidu video conference

Through this, people can check the status of their grievances/representations by entering their Aadhar number or the grievance number.

The decision was taken at a review meeting that Naidu had with officials of the IT department, said an official statement.

The chief minister suggested setting up an e-Governance society to monitor and track the progress of delivery of citizen services online. He has also asked the IT department to design a plan to bring in the country’s first “Right to Good Governance Act”. He directed the department to distribute 10,000 tablets to village-level officers immediately, and guided them to advise the officers on how to collect data on public welfare schemes and key indicators and upload it online.


5. Held the country’s first E-Cabinet meeting.

In an attempt to mark the completion of 100 days of the Telugu Desam Party (TDP) in power, Mr. Naidu held an E-Cabinet meeting, which was the first of a kind in the country.

The stylus replaced the pen. The iPad replaced the paper. Thus, this paperless cabinet meet went down in history, as our Prime Minister, Mr. Narendra Modi appreciated the effort and decided to make a similar move at the center.


6. Launched CORE Dashboard.

This one page view of critical data was launched in July 2014.

I don’t want to delve into it’s details, because I want YOU to go check it out and applaud it yourself.

Trust me, it is amazing; and what’s better is that the CM views exactly what you do!

Here’s the link –> http://core.ap.gov.in/CMDashBoard/Index.aspx


7. The HUDHUD Portal !

It is needless to mention that he went out of his comfort zone to help restore Vizag during the cyclone. What I appreciate about this tech-savvy CM is that he also introduced a portal along with satellite images to analyse the damage caused. Reports say that an approximate 5 lakh farmers’ dilapidated livelihoods were restored overnight.

Here’s the link:



8. A corollary of the E-Meeting – Mr. Naidu also launched an E-Office!

In a bid to bring about transparency in governance, this man has approved the electronic-office (e-office) initiative to be implemented across the state. Naidu’s CMO as well as the office of the chief secretary will go paperless in the first phase, with all files getting routed through computer networks to cut short delays in decision making.

Under the e-office project, all files will be digitized and will have an electronic trail to check their status. The conventional governance process is based around creation of files, notes in the file, decision at various levels, and finally issuing decisions as GOs and circulars.

Any request to the government passes through elaborate processing at different stages leaving little scope for transparency. Since most of these processes are handled in the form of files which move forward and backward for decisions, automation of these files can play a very crucial role in improving the efficiency of decision making, said senior officials.



9. I don’t think every other CM in India is cool enough to sit for a Google Hangout Program.

I personally thought the video was amazingly inspiring. Did you?

NO? Then you can kindly go back to doing what you were prior to reading this. ?



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This is yet another tribute to the hardworking man who makes me feel proud about being an Andhraite.


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