Carrom Board

Which Brand is Best For Carrom Board?

Regarding buying a carrom board, the first thing to consider is the price. Surco products are very affordable, with prices ranging from INR 1570 to INR 3,999. These are highly recommended by the ICF and ACIF, and they are commonly used in international matches. Moreover, Surco’s premium quality and fitting make them the most popular choice of many players. They are so popular that there are many copies available on the market.

Precise is the largest carrom board manufacturer and exporter. Their boards are made from top-notch compressed wood. The price ranges from Rs 4,700 to Rs 54,000, depending on the model. Surco makes some of the best carrom boards in India, and their boards are recommended by the All-Indian and International carrom federations. They are comfortable for players of all ages, with some models having playing surfaces made from Baltic birch.

KD is another brand that makes quality carrom boards. It is a robust, durable product with a smooth playing surface and incredible bounce back. The company also makes other quality athletic gear, such as sports shoes and racquets. The KD board costs around Rs 600 and is available in several different sizes. In addition to the price, this brand also offers excellent quality and reasonable pricing. The KD board is also suitable for beginner players and is AICF-approved.

Carrom boards can be made from several materials, including wood. Some brands make carrom boards from ich, while others make wooden ones. Depending on your budget, a wooden or metal one is the best choice. A plastic board can be cheaper, but it doesn’t look as sturdy as a hardwood one. A durable plastic board will last longer and keep the board in good condition. A durable board will withstand repeated use and should be sturdy enough for competitive play.

GSI makes good quality carrom boards. This brand is well-known for its smooth-surfaced sheets and long-lasting finish. Whether you play at home or compete with professional players, a Precise Board is a great investment. The company offers a range of sizes, from small 29×29 to medium and huge boards. The price range for a Surco board varies from INR 1570 to INR 6300, but it is worth considering if the one you buy is within your budget.

Synco is the most popular brand of carrom boards in India and around the world. They produce top-notch sheets and a wide assortment of other essential items for carrom. They offer several varieties of boards for all skill levels. Regardless of the price range, each board will come with a wide variety of accessories and coins. A good board will be the most affordable. They should have enough space to hold the game and will not get cluttered.

As a parent, you should be aware of the different types of materials used in a carrom board. The ideal one has a solid hardwood frame. Most boards have Formica-edged edges, which increase the accuracy of deflection and reduce striker distortion. Most of the boards come with Baltic Birch playing surfaces. The mainstream wood choices are Indian ply or MDF/Birch facade sheets.

Regarding carrom boards, you need to consider quality and durability. Different materials are used to make carrom boards. Some are made from high-grade plywood, while others are made of plastic. Some are for beginners, while others are meant for experts. The quality and price of a carrom board are important because it will be the most expensive one you buy. However, plenty of brands can provide you with top-quality boards for carrom.

Regarding carrom boards, you should consider the board’s material and size. If you are buying one for yourself or someone else, it’s best to choose a high-quality, solid wood frame. These materials will last for a long time and will prevent the board from warping or bending. You should also check the thickness of the board. It’s advisable to look for a wooden board, but it may cost a little more than you expect.