what these wrinkles consist of and how to eliminate them

If there is something that worries every woman, and a lot, it is the issue of wrinkles on the face . Despite becoming more and more normalized among the population, the truth is that the issue of these lines of expression continues to generate a certain internal conflict and there are many who seek to eradicate this type of facial signs . Either dermocosmetically, with concentrated creams or serums, or through cabin treatments , wrinkles are one of the most frequent reasons why women undergo surgery, despite the fact that we do not always know why.

Wrinkles are categorized into different types

The truth is that as with other types of imperfections and signs of age in women, wrinkles are categorized into different types , according to their origin, situation and characteristics and it is precisely according to this type that we must treat them in one way or another. other. Have you ever heard of actinic wrinkles? And what about the bunny lines ? Curiously, they are some of the most frequent ‘rare wrinkles’ among women and about which we know very little. To discover a little more about them we have the help of Dr. Arantxa Arana, dermatologist at the Dr. Pérez Sevilla Clinic . Together with Arantza we will know what each one of them consists of and what treatment we can follow to eliminate them (or at least reduce them) and look like this younger and more radiant skin .

Actinic wrinkles: what they are and how to prevent them

“These wrinkles are typical of photo- aged skin and appear as a consequence of the damaging effects of solar radiation . From a morphological point of view, actinic wrinkles appear as an accentuation of the normal texture of the skin and are especially visible in people of Fair skin that has been exposed to UV radiation for a long time in the past These wrinkles are often numerous and give the skin a crumpled paper appearance They are distributed over the face, around the eyes and on the décolleté They usually appear from the age of 30-40 , especially in the lighter phototypes,” says dermatologist Arantxa Arana.

Taking into account the phototype, the ultraviolet ray index of the day and the circumstances of the exposure, there are different protection measures: reduce the time spent in the sun, resorting to physical barriers such as hats and sunglasses or applying broad-spectrum photoprotective creams. The injuries caused by solar radiation have been cumulative since we were children” , he continues.

How can we treat actinic wrinkles?

These solutions include topical retinoids (such as retinoic acid or tretinoin) , chemical peels, high-dose vitamin C , collagen (as a supplement), topical isoflavones and some peptides . Redensification with hyaluronic acid or vitamins can also be performed through mesotherapy.”

Bunny Lines or rabbit wrinkles

They usually appear, approximately and according to the care carried out throughout years, at age 40. As wrinkles are part of our aging process, it can be difficult to prevent them. But in this case, if you are one of the people who constantly wrinkles your nose, you can consciously try to avoid wrinkling it. Botox also helps us It allows the muscle to be educated and prevents it from contracting so strongly and therefore those wrinkles are not marked”, explains the dermatologist Arantxa Arana.

” Bunny lines or rabbit wrinkles are treated by putting Botox on the sides of the nose . These wrinkles are caused by the transversus muscle. Botulinum toxin attenuates the strength of the muscle, so that wrinkles on the surface of the skin no longer appear. dial”, ends.