• Vizag into global arena through Indo-US smart city agreement.
  • PM Narendra Modi taking steps towards fulfilling his promises for Andhra Pradesh.
  • Senior BJP leader Venkaiah Naidu was successful to place vizag in smart cities of indo-us agreement.

PM Narendra modi in his recent US tour, had agreement with US government on developing allahabad, ajmeer and vizag into smart cities. Venkaiah naidu, CM Chandra babu Naidu and MP Hari babu played key role in making up to one among the three smart cities. Key reasons for Vizag to make it to the list was BJP and PM Narendra modi promises during last general election campaign and BJP MP haribabu defeating YSR party president vijaya lakshmi with a huge majority with trust on BJP-TDP alliance.

The City of Destiny

Vizag has extraordinary advantages with its beautiful hills, beaches, government institutions, Large scale industries, Scope for IT industry development, Industrial corridor and one of the major ports in south India.

Objectives of smart city:

  • To build a sustainable city for our present & next generation citizens.
  • Reaching future needs in area such as employment for youth, promoting entrepreneurs, with basic needs for public hygiene and keep up to the energy demand.

Complete responsibility of planning, developing and release of funds for smart cities will taken care by Government of India.

Smart City Services:

Energy: storage of required energy, energy grid, carbon credits control and climate control. Technology: sensors, big data, internet, cloud, mobile applications, geo informatics and electronic surveillance. Smart society: social responsibility, developing, supporting innovations and entrepreneurship.

Governance & finance: public-private partnership investments, financial development, bringing easy government service and information to everyone. Climate:  Pollution control and green sustainable buildings.  Transport: Introduction of technology into vehicles and developing biofuels. Security: check posts, electronic surveillance, emergency services and security centers.