The work of Vishakapatnam Metro Rail Project has started. The Metro Rail project Adviser Metro Man of India Mr.Sridharan told media that the initial design will be submitted by the start of March. Two teams of engineers are surveying the city and a third team is also set up to investigate the possibilities of further development of the design and it is expected to arrive in the city this week.

3 corridors, 39 Kilometers

A total of three corridors are being planned for the metro and the details of them are as following.

Corridor 1:


The corridor will be built between Madhurawada junction and N.A.D. It is the largest of the three corridors and is approximately a 24 Kilometers long stretch passing along the National Highway and major areas of the City.

Corridor 2:


This will start form Gurudwara junction and passes through R.T.C complex, Rednam Gardens, Jagadamba junction, Kotha Road and ends at Old Post office.

This will be 7 Kilometers long.

Corridor 3:


It stars from Taatichetla Palem junction and passes through Railway new colony, Railway station, Reservation center, South Jailroad, Ambedkar statue, R.T.C complex, The Meghalaya hotel near G.M.V.C, Sampath Vinayak temple, Tycoon junction, Walter main road , Siripuram junction, Chinna Waltair and ends at park hotel, Beach Road. This would be approximately 8 Kilometer stretch.


The estimation of the survey teams imply that a total of 60 pillars might be used for the whole project and one station is planned to be set up for every 1 to 1.5 Kilometers with a total of 32 stations for the whole project. It is also announced that the work will start from Madhurawada junction as it needs no land acquisitions and has all the permits from Municipality.

The initial plan will be ready by first half of March 2015 and once the plan is complete, it will be thoroughly inspected and the needed tenders will be called. The Metro Teams under the supervision of Shridharan are moving at a fast pace and the government is in plans of completing the Phase-1 of the project in 3-4 years.

Image Source: Flickr