Visakhapatnam Is The Richest City In Andhra Pradesh In Terms of Per Capita Income

According to a report in Times of India, Visakhapatnam is the richest city in Andhra Pradesh, with a Per Capita Income (PCI) ranging from Rs. 1,17,863 to Rs. 1,74,109 in its four assembly constituencies. Gajuwaka assembly constituency is the richest assembly constituencies in the state, with a whopping Rs. 2,64,332 PCI.

As per that report, the Andhra Pradesh government has estimated the PCI of all 175 assembly constituencies for the first time, as a part of its plan to strategise development activities at the assembly segment level. This PCI was assessed based on gross value added with respect to industry, agriculture, services and allied sectors. Over 60 constituencies have more than Rs. 1 lakh PCI.

As per this, Visakhapatnam district also has the highest PCI, with Rs. 1,24,171. Krishna District is at the second place with Rs. 1,22,773. Interestingly, Vizianagaram district has the lowest per capita income of Rs. 76,623.

The capital region, Vijayawada, has three assembly segments with a PCI of Rs. 1,66,853; Rs. 1,63,849; Rs. 1,61,392.

The state government is now planning on entrusting the development of these segments to local legislators. The development plans are currently under the scrutiny of district collectors and will be released during the collectors’ conference that is to be held later this month.