The mention of “Andhrudu” goes back to the Vishnu Sahasranamas. The “Andhra Devudu” was mentioned to as the god who was offered prayers in Krishna District on the banks of river Krishna. The History of Vijayawada is 2000 years old and has mentioned in ancient Hindu scripts. This land was the capital of Andhra Desa. The historic city is taking back its power as the Capital of Andhra Pradesh.

The merits of Vijayawada :

  • Its proximity towards krishna river assures it the required water resources at any point of time
  • The availability of “Prakasam Barrage” & “Pulichintala Project”  makes vijayawada a place with abundant water resources.
  • The completion of Polavaram Project will ensure additional water resources from Godavari River.
  • It is  the second-largest city in AP & its rich history is one of its crown jewels.
  • It is one of the few places that has a cultural importance to Buddhism, Christianity & Hinduism alike.
  • The “Kanaka durga temple” & “Mary matha church” not only act as spiritual destinations to Hindus & Christians but also act as tourist attractions.
  • It is right now the Pivot of Financial, Educational, Medical fields simultaneously.
  • An approximate area of 20,000 acres of Government-owned land in the areas of Nuzvid, Gannavaram, Hanuman junction, Agiripalli plays a huge role in establishing its infrastructure as the capital.
  • Farmers & agriculturists from Mangalagiri and Kaja have shown willingness for land acquisition at the ratio of 60:40 as proposed by the govt of AP.
  • 7052 square kilometers of land under V.G.T.M.U.D.A is being worked on Infrastructural development.
  • Proposal of construction of bridges over River Krishna in the areas of Kanchincharla,  Ibrahim patnam and gollapudi to create a pass way to Guntur assures in creation of twin cities.
  • The urban development department of the govt of India has stated Vijayawada as a clean city.
  • The infrastructural development took off during the british rule and has emerges the automobile capital of the combined andhra pradesh.
  • Gannavaram Airport, The biggest railway junction of South India being vijayawada, railway division in guntur and the machilipatnam port makes it a completely well-connected place with the world.
  • The distance from Hyderabad being only 265 kms is also an advantage to Vijayawada.
  • The facts of Vijayawada and its advantages make its path clear towards becoming a Global City.

Historic Significance of Vijayawada:

  • The manuscripts found from the Indra Kiladri hill of Durgamma dated 927-933 AD mention the City name as Raja Cholendrapuram.
  • Vijaya Vatika ( Place for Victory ), Bezawada were under usage before Vijayawada.
  • Ikshwakula, Shatavahanas, Reddy Rajulu, Gajapathies, Vijayanagara Kings, Kuthubshahies, Golkanda Nizams, Britishers are amongst the Rulers before Independence who ruled Vijayawada.
  • Dharani fort at Amaravathi was the capital of the Shatavahana Kingdom.
  • Machilipatnam is a famous Shipyard for ages.
  • Vijayawada region is known for the Kuchipudi dance form, Kondapalli Toys, and Telugu Literature.
  • Vijayawada was recognized as a municipality 126 years ago, Municipal court was estd in 1843, public works SE office in 1875, Rail track from dornakal in 1879 and Barrage on Krishna river in 1855.
  • Vijayawada was registered as a municipality on April 1, 1888 with a population of 333,6 spread across 2.14 sq.km.