MLA VRK Babu and Minister Ayyana Patrudu seen on bike rushing to effected areas coordinating with officers and volunteers.

  • Prime Minister Modi arrives at Vizag. Prime Minister to go around the City and know the condition of the City and the disaster made by Hud Hud cyclone.
  • Power star Pawan Kalyan donated 50 lakhs to CM relief fund and appealed his fans to volunteer with the government.
  • Dissatisfied with the performance of Telecom companies and ignorance to attend the review meeting with CM made CM angry. Sent a warning to the Telecom operators of Vizag that their will be legal action if not acted in time.
  • 45,000 Electric poles uprooted by Hud Hud Cyclone in 3 districts.
  • 19,000 Electric poles uprooted in Vizag alone.
  • Restoring power in phased manner to take 3-10 days.

MLA VRK Babu and Minister Ayyana Patrudu seen on bike rushing to affected areas coordinating with officers and volunteers

  • Guntur sent 77000 food packets, 55000 litres of milk products, 8000 Kgs of vegetables, 50 tonnes of aloo, 37000 biscuit packets, 30 tankers of water to Vizag.
  • Govt is using Fire Engines to supply water directly to Apartments by filling water into Head Over Tanks.

13 Oct :

  • TDP MPs donated their 2 month pay towards flood relief.
  • MLA Balakrishna’s fans sent a lorry of Rice and a Milk tanker to Vizag.

[/su_heading]Food Supplies from Eluru & Vijayawada being airlifted from Gannavaram Airport[/su_heading]

  • 50 tonnes of food material from Vijayawada another 50 tonnes from Rajamundry has been airlifted to provide food for people in relief camps.
  • Each affected family to receive 25 kg rice, 1 kg sugar and 5 litres of kerosene as immediate relief. For fisherman and weavers whose work has been affected, 5 litres kerosene, 50 kg rice, and 1 kg sugar will be provided.
  • Nearly 80% of telecommunication systems have been snapped. Govt is trying to restore them by tonight.
  • 500 field staff, 100 engineers are working round-the-clock to restore Power.
  • Vizag airport to be restored by tonight.
  • 45,000 electric poles have been ordered to restore power lines.
  • – CM Chandrababu Naidu made a surprise visit to Petrol Bunk in Vizag where Citizens reported on CMO Facebook page that Petrol was sold at higher cost.

CM’s Surprise visit to a Petrol bunk where the fuel was reportedly being sold at a higher price.

  • 90% of the Trees in Vizag got uprooted.
  • NDRF is working on supplying Water, Food and Medicines to the affected areas.

CM Chandrababu Naidu in Vizag Airport post destruction by HudHud.

  • Prime Minister Narendra Modi to visit Vizag on 14th October, to land at 1:15 PM.
  • Weather turned better in  Vizag, NDRF started off the rescue operation by clearing the major roads and junctions first.

12 OCT:Vizag airport hit by Hud Hud cyclone

  • Hud Hud cyclone created huge destruction in Vizag City.
  • AP govt relocated 5 lakh+ citizens to safe places.
  • NDRF forces ready to start rescue.
  • 200 rescue boats, 1000 swimmers in reserve.
  • 4 Helicopters ready to reach out to people with Food and Medical supplies.
  • Leaves for all the Govt employees canceled in prior and informed to be readily available to serve in post cyclone rescue.
  • National Highway was shut down from Srikakulam to Rajamundry as a safety measure to avoid casualties.
  • 3000 Electric Poles moved to Vizag prior to cyclone so that the restoring electricity happens as soon as possible.
  • 3000 electricity employees mobilized to vizag to work on electricity restoration.
  • JCBs and Tree cutters made ready by the revenue department for rescue and restoration.
  • Power cut off in Vizag to make sure that there will not be any casualties with live power lines.
  • Collectors of 4 districts and CMO working 24*7 assessing the situation and monitoring the relocation and restoration preperations. 
  • 4 Navy shipped filled with food reserves.
  •  Minister and an IAS officer deployed per each revenue division to co ordinate the rescue and relocation operations.

A video showing the Wind hitting the Vizag city at 220 kmph with bombarding sounds: